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BMW Premium Selection

“BMW Premium Selection” – what are the benefits of this program?

22 May 2023

A used BMW does not have to mean a series of large expenses after the purchase or a completely unknown past of the purchased copy. The BMW Premium Selection program ensures the safety of the buyer and many other services – including attractive financing.


Over the past few years, the automotive market has not only been struggling with serious component shortages, it has also undergone a number of major changes regarding the availability of new cars and, as a result, the changes also have concerned the prices of used cars – which have increased significantly compared to previous years, even by several dozen percent. Long delays in production mean worse availability of the models and versions you may be interested in, so instead of waiting a dozen or even several dozen months, you can make use of the offer of the secondary market. It will also help you make your dream of having your own BMW come true at a budget which would be insufficient for a new product costing several hundred thousand zlotys or more. The cars are available immediately from selected dealers of the brand. 


What is the BMW Premium Selection program?

When buying a used vehicle, you are repeatedly exposed to misleading by the seller, who, of course, for a better price conceals inconvenient facts from the past of the vehicle – or worse, provides false information about it. The BMW Premium Selection program is more than just the sale of used BMW cars (and not only of this brand) under the name of an authorised dealer. The basic idea of the program and its overriding principle is to offer thoroughly tested vehicles with BMW Premium Selection certificate, which is a guarantee of its high quality and suitability for further use without unnecessary surprises.



Strict rules allow to prevent the sale of a copy with an unknown history, a high mileage or in a bad technical condition – the buyer can learn about possible events from the past from extensive documentation.


You can find BMW Premium Selection dealers in every major city in Poland, which facilitates the entire process of purchasing and using exclusive BMW services, which are a strong argument for customers expecting something more. BMW Premium Selection cars are a selected offer for demanding customers – of course, the price usually exceeds the market average for a given model.

Used cars served by BMW Premium Selection dealers, as already mentioned, must comply with strict criteria regarding the age, technical condition, mileage and accident history. If the vehicle meets all the conditions, it is awarded a special recognition, which is the BMW certificate. The quality certificate issued by the BMW Premium Selection dealer is not all, the most valuable for the buyer is the subsequent BMW warranty protection (operating throughout the European Union) and other additional services.

A certified used vehicle sold in the BMW Premium Selection program must not be older than 5 years, nor must the mileage of the vehicle exceed 120,000 kilometers (however, there are minor deviations from these rules, the condition is the car’s perfect condition and the individual assessment). Then, the used cars are subjected to a detailed 360-degree inspection, which we are going to discuss in a moment. Such strict criteria as those adopted by the BMW brand for second-hand cars are essential if used BMW cars are to maintain a sufficiently high level and reliability, maintaining by which the brand’s reputation. One of the key matters is the fully documented history of a used BMW, including servicing, repairs and accidents. Copies after serious road accidents are not allowed for sale, in other cases – minor collisions which have not affected the safety of further exploitation – each event must be documented in the vehicle history. This way, the customer is assured that the key components of the car have not been damaged. The rich vehicle history left by the previous owners is therefore one of the most important checkpoints. Other copies that do not meet the criteria of the branded program may be sold by dealers within commissions without warranties or other gratuities.

The demanding requirements allow BMW Premium Selection to provide all customers with warranty protection for two years without the mileage limit. It includes all mechanical components as well as the electronics of the car. The cars in the offer have a full history verified by an authorized service center, and often also through the autoDNA report obtained on the basis of the VIN number. Another additional benefit of the BMW Premium Selection program is that every car is ready for casual use. Each new buyer receives a vehicle that does not show the need to service for at least half a year or 10,000 kilometers. Any defects are repaired at the dealer’s expense.


Who is the program addressed to?

BMW Premium Selection cars are available for everyone on the spot. Of course, you have to take into account their higher purchase price, compared to other market offers. As is the case of other used car sales programs authorized by brands, you also pay for high quality of service when choosing a car, assistance with even traditional lease or loan and the use of subsequent warranty protection.

With such a structured and extensive offer, it is worth realizing in advance what extra value all these additional services have. Then, you may come to the conclusion that the purchase of a used BMW that has previously undergone a rigorous technical review along with the services mentioned above is an attractive offer on the used car market.



It is also worth mentioning the customer service of the BMW Premium Selection program. You are welcomed to the dealership, on par with customers buying much more expensive new cars. The BMW pick-up procedure itself also takes place in a separate space in the BMW Premium Selection dealership.



Financing in the “BMW Premium Selection” program

The easiest way to buy a car in the BMW premium Selection program is, of course, a one-time payment. However, BMW has prepared a very attractive lease offer, the details of which you can learn from the BMW Premium Selection dealers. BMW comfort lease has been prepared for used cars – thanks to the value of the car guaranteed by BMW Financial Services at the end of the repayment period, the form of financing served by the Bavarian brand is more attractive than a regular loan or lease at another financial institution. Attractive financing in the BMW Premium Selection is aimed at private customers as well as companies.


How are the cars checked?

When you buy a used BMW car with the BMW Premium Selection certificate, you can be sure that it has passed a detailed 360-degree inspection. The whole process starts with checking the documentation provided by the previous owners – as well as verifying its authenticity. Also among BMW dealers, the autoDNA reports or vehicle history reports made available by CEPiK (en. Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers) are tools used for this verification. After meeting the aforementioned formal requirements, such as the age and mileage of the vehicle, it then undergoes servicing. A certified used BMW vehicle is inspected visually in terms of the the body condition, the correctness of possible paint repairs, the interior condition, the compliance of the equipment with the specification recorded in the VIN number and, of course, the technical condition.



A rigorous technical inspection is completed with a test drive performed by an authorized service employee and a note made. During the test drive, the correct operation of the driving system and equipment is checked.



Which vehicles are available in this program?

The BMW and Mini cars predominate in the BMW Premium Selection, but there are other brands as well – they are also subject to rigorous inspection and additional post-sales services – including BMW warranty protection. In the BMW Premium Selection offer, it is usually in vain to look for mostly popular brands, the dealers focus on premium cars. So, you may come across Mercedes, Land Rovers, Audi guaranteeing the prestige and the proper level of performance. In commission sales in individual dealerships,you may also find models of cheaper brands.



The BMW Premium Selection website brings together all used BMWs currently available in Poland. Without leaving your house, you can make an initial selection of the copies you are interested in and verify their history on your own by buying the autoDNA report – only then it is a good idea to arrange a visit a dealership. The cars with the BMW certificate in the dealership offer consist of the entire cross-section of the current model range of the brand, although you can also find perfectly preserved copies of previous generations.

All BMW SUVs are very popular. The BMW X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 and X6 are still dominated by diesel, the X-Drive all-wheel drive system, and, of course, the automatic transmission. Invariably, many cars available are 3, 5 and 7 series models, as well as 8 series. All used BMWs provide ample comfort and, importantly, safety equipment. Every year, the share of gasoline-powered vehicles as well as hybrid variants increases. There are also models with purely electric drive – in their case especially, a verified history is crucial due to the high costs of possible post-accident repairs. The price range is wide, ranging from offers below PLN 120,000 for the smallest models, approaching PLN 1 million zlotys for the 7 and 8 series. Due to the invariably rich list of additional equipment, available colors and other design elements, it is practically impossible to find two identical copies in the offer – and this is the strength of the premium brands.


Other brands

In the BMW Premium Selection range, cars from other brands represent a fraction of the offer scope. The program is focused on its own products. Occasionally, the aforementioned Mercedes, including the E 63 AMG class from 2018 with a 4.0 V8 gasoline engine with a negligible mileage is valued for PLN 330.000. The selected copy comes, of course, from the Polish sales network.

The current offer also includes a Porsche Macan with a 3.0 Turbo gasoline engine. Manufactured in 2015, it covered only 80,000 kilometers. The high level of equipment, permanent four-wheel drive, automatic transmission and numerous safety systems translate into a price of almost PLN 185.000.

There are nearly 100 copies of Mini models available. You can choose from several-month-old models with little mileage and several-year-old ones, of course, in great condition confirmed by the BMW certificate. When considering selecting the Mini brand, you can choose from the Clubman, Countryman, Cooper and One models – in the case of the British icon, the gasoline engines prevail in the offer.


Used cars from companies – fleet hits of the program

Part of the BMW Premium Selection comes from companies which, after the lease payment period or the end of the lease contract, the current user left with the dealer – for example as a trade-in or without deciding to re-purchase it. Fleet copies are mostly sold with a full VAT invoice, which may interest subsequent business customers counting on tax deductions. They are provide the BMW certificate, which demonstrates their technical condition and they are also covered by the BMW warranty protection. The used BMWs include the 3, 5 Series models as well as the representative 7 Series models, which are appreciated by fleet customers. Of course, other BMWs also come from companies, including the entire cross-section of the brand’s SUV range.


Advantages of the program

By purchasing a certified used BMW vehicle from a trusted source, you gain greater confidence in the high quality of the product as well as in the many additional services that make up the full range of the BMW Premium Selection program. Customers especially appreciate:

  • Low age and mileage of available copies
  • Verified service and accident history, real mileage
  • Reliable sales and post-sales service for the warranty period
  • Attractive lease offer – BMW comfort lease
  • Warranty protection for two years
  • No need to service the purchased car for half a year or 10,000 kilometers
  • Possibility to use exclusive BMW services
  • Rigorous 360-degree inspection of the vehicle


Drawbacks of the program

Used cars from dealership programs such as BMW Premium Selection may have some drawbacks, despite obtaining a quality certificate – the BMW certificate. They are allowed for sale if they meet certain program and manufacturer standards. Among the disadvantages of buying your own BMW as part of the brand program, we can list:

  • High purchase price
  • Lack of information about the conditions of exploitation done by the previous owner
  • Possible excessive consumption of engine oil, which according to BMW standards is normal and acceptable

Regardless of the available budget, preferences and needs, buying a used car is not a simple task. When buying a used vehicle from BMW Premium Selection – from a verified source – you should also verify the history of a particular vehicle on your own. The autoDNA report can confirm the condition of the mechanical components and show the full history verified on the basis of the VIN number.


It is good to know

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"BMW Premium Selection" – what are the benefits?
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"BMW Premium Selection" – what are the benefits?
The BMW Premium Selection program ensures the safety of the buyer and many other services - including attractive financing.
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