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Our partners

autoDNA Partner - Nationale Auto Pas (NAP)


The Nationale Auto Pas (NAP) collects and administers data regarding second-hand vehicles which have been registered in the Netherlands.

Together with the RDW (Ministry of Transport), the NAP maintains a complete database of Dutch vehicles and has access to a wide range of information about them. The most important information concerns their previous owners, parameters and technical data, current and previously recorded mileage, and inspection results.

Information is taken from reliable sources such as the Ministry of Transport, dealers, importers, insurers, leasing companies, repair workshops and vehicle inspection stations.

autoDNA Partner - Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry (Polska Izba Motoryzacji - PIM)

Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry (Polska Izba Motoryzacji)

The Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry is the most important organisation in the field that consociates different automotive companies, including car dealers and manufacturers, diagnostic stations, expert organisations and many others.

The long list of their partners includes the Ministry of Economy, Warsaw School of Economics, Municipal Offices and Marshal's Offices. The Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry also organises the International Automotive Conference and AutoEvent – an annual conference of automotive industry.

autoDNA has belonged to the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry since November 2012.

autoDNA Partner - Traffic Safety and Transport Supervision Agency (VOSA)


VOSA (traffic Safety and Transport Supervision Agency) operates one of the biggest manufacturer's servicing databases. Its task is to examine the car accidents and providing services increasing the standards of technical examinations of the vehicles.

VOSA also investigated the car accidents and provides a wide spectrum of trainings and consultations, including seminars, publications and films regarding traffic rules.

autoDNA Partner - AutoCheck


AutoCheck American service providing vehicle background reports based on dozens of thousands trusted sources (Communication Offices in USA and Canada, police departments, fire brigades, vehicle control points, authorized service points and more). The Experian Automotive Database contains four billions records of half billion cars. It is the world's largest database of information about used cars.

The Experian technology provides services for several motorization websites e.g. eBay Motors,, and

To learnabout the contents of AutoCheck reports see the section „Sample reports”.

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