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VWE collects and processes information about used vehicles which are or have been ever registered in Netherlands.

With RDW (Ministry of Transport) and NAP (Nationale Auto Pas) VWE creates a complete database of dutch vehicles and has access to a wide range of information about them. The most important information concerning previous owners, technical data, current mileage, inspection results.

Information comes from reliable sources such a Ministry of Transport, dealers, importers, insurers, leasing companies, repair workshops and vehicle inspection stations.

forumsamochodowe - partner autoDNA


Popular Internet Auto Forum allows internet users exchange their opinions, find information and help while buying used cars. It is also big knowledge center in automotive industry with a lot of information about technical problems, automotive news, tests, news from automotive events, automotive glossaries and many more other tips.

autodoradca - partner autoDNA


Autodoradca.pl is a portal where experienced auto enthusiasts, car dealers and showroom owners will advise you how to choose a car. Their specialists know how to find the car that will best suit the needs of the buyer, how to help the owner sell a car at the optimal price, which garages to recommend and where to buy quality accessories.

Autodoradca.pl has all the info that an auto enthusiasts needs: they will provide you with financial and insurance details as well as some food for thought and useful tips for every car owner.

motostat - partner autoDNA


With Motostat website you can precisely calculate how much you spend on your car (including fuel, repairs, periodic inspections, insurance, spare parts, etc.). In case you had trouble remembering when to perform all the maintenance work, Motostat also offers periodical reminders. Not only this: with Motostat you have at your disposal a huge database including average consumption per 100 km for virtually every model available. The data is entered by the website users, which guarantees that what you find are actual values and not just parameters that you could find in the manufacturer's folder. The database enables you to make a well-informed choice in terms of fuel economy.

bezwypadkowe - partner autoDNA


Bez-wypadkowe.net is a forum designed to help you buy a second-hand car. Its huge and impressively active community of over 6,000 registered users exchange their experience in buying a used car and advises others what to pay attention to before making the final choice. With their help you can rest assured that you won't buy a car that is a total waste of money or a threat to your safety.

Bez-wypadkowe.net is a perfect place for those who are buying a car and need a guarantee that they're making the right choice.

Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry - partner autoDNA

Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry (Polska Izba Motoryzacji)

Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry is the most important organisation in the field that consociates different automotive companies, including car dealers and manufacturers, diagnostic stations, expert organisations and many others. The long list of their partners includes the Ministry of Economy, Warsaw School of Economics, Municipal Offices and Marshal's Offices. The Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry also organises the International Automotive Conference and AutoEvent – an annual conference of automotive industry.

autoDNA has belonged to the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry since November 2012.

mobilekspert - partner autoDNA


mobilEkspert.pl is a group of professionals who will help you check the car you'd like to buy so that you can make an informed choice. The only thing you need to do is order a report via their website: mobilekspert.pl. One of their professionals will examine the state of the car for you: he will check its body and show you all those repairs its owner wouldn't like you to see, measure the paint thickness, check whether the car has been crashed, and whether anybody has manipulated with its mileage counter. mobilEkspert.pl also offers checking the car's mechanical and electrical parts, taking part in test drives and even examining the car in greater detail at a repair shop.

mobilEkspert.pl enables you to examine a car available at the other end of the country without even seeing it – a professional will come there for you and send you a report in 24 hours.

traffic Safety and Transport Supervision Agency - partner autoDNA


VOSA (traffic Safety and Transport Supervision Agency) operates one of the biggest manufacturer's servicing databases. Its task is to examine the car accidents and providing services increasing the standards of technical examinations of the vehicles.

VOSA also investigated the car accidents and provides a wide spectrum of trainings and consultations, including seminars, publications and films regarding traffic rules.

autocheck - partner autoDNA


AutoCheck American service providing vehicle background reports based on dozens of thousands trusted sources (Communication Offices in USA and Canada, police departments, fire brigades, vehicle control points, authorized service points and more). The Experian Automotive Database contains four billions records of half billion cars. It is the world's largest database of information about used cars.

The Experian technology provides services for several motorization websites e.g. eBay Motors, CarsDirect.com, CarMax.com and NADAguides.com.

To learn about the contents of AutoCheck reports see the section„Example Reports””.

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