How to buy the report?

How to buy Vin report - Input VIN number

Input VIN number

Enter the 17 characters VIN number in the field visible on the main page of autoDNA.

Availability of information for the vehicle

On this page you will be informed about the information available for the chosen vehicle which VIN number you have filled.

You decide whether you want to buy the report and generate it in pdf. format choosing the option "Buy the report" available in the right bottom corner.

The purchase process

In four simple steps:

  1. You will choose what kind of the report you want to buy
  2. You will entered email address
  3. You will determine the mode of payment
  4. Finally, you will get the confirmation about the payment


In the final step the information about your vehicle will be grouped and shown in a transparent manner.

Your PDF report is also ready to download.

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