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autoDNA Vehicle History Report

autoDNA is one of the first and one of the biggest european supplier of vehicle history reports - key tool use while buying and selling used cars. This is the service not only to mitigate the risk in trading of used cars, but also increases transparency between buyer and seller and get online car history.

What is the content of autoDNA report:

  • vehicle technical data (make, model, chassis type, fuel type, etc)
  • vehicle equipment encoded in the VIN number
  • information about accidents and collisions
  • information about mileage records
  • vehicle use (e.g. leasing, rental)
  • archived vehicle photos
  • vehicle check in stolen car databases, incl. Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania and other european countries
  • manufacturers recalls and car defects
  • information about previous checks in autoDNA
  • verification of the VIN number correctness
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autoDNA vehicle history report from Netherlands and mileage verification in NAP

autoDNA vehicle history reports for cars from Netherlands are created based on data from dutch organisation VWE and mileage national registry Nationale Auto Pas. Organisations are collecting and processing data about used vehicles from dutch Ministry of Transport (RDW).

Our report is indispensable help when buying and selling used cars that have ever been registered in Netherlands. It shows and verifies vehicle history in the context of previous owners and current odometer reading. Information comes from reliable sources.

What is the content of autoDNA report for cars from Netherlands:

  • vehicle use (leasing, taxi)
  • mileage verification in dutch nationa registry NAP
  • information about post-accident inspection, if required
  • ownership history - number of previous owners and periods of use
  • expiration date of vehicle inspection
  • information about vehicle origin incl. export and import
  • date of first registration and deregistration from Holland
  • exact technical data (make, model, fuel type, fuel emission standard, engine capacity, power, etc)
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autoDNA vehicle history reports from France

autoDNA history reports for cars from France is an indispensable help for all who plan the purchase of a used vehicle from that country. History vehicle for France is in the form of reports which are created based on the data from central evidence of vehicles..

What is the content of autoDNA report for cars from France:

  • general information about vehicle (make, model, body type, fuel type, etc)
  • technical data (vehicle weight, engine code, power, dimensions)
  • first registration of the car
  • issue date of the registration document
  • verification if vehicle has been recorded as damaged
  • type of owner (individual person, company)
  • vehicle use (lease/taxi/rental etc.)
  • special use (medical vehicle, postal)
  • ownership history (one owner/ several owners)
  • emission class CO2
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autoDNA report for cars from Belgium

autoDNA report for vehicles from Belgium include, environmental data, information regarding the status of vehicle registration in Belgium and technical specifications of the vehicle.

All data are from officially approved and reliable sources and are valuable clue for those purchasing used cars from Belgium.

What is the content of autoDNA report for cars from Belgium:

  • administrative status of the vehicle (damaged vehicle, repaired vehicle, imported, exported, etc)
  • vehicle administrative date (date of first registration and deregistration from Belgium)
  • basic vehicle information (make, model, body style, fuel type, category, etc.)
  • technical information of the vehicle (masses, engine code, power, dimensions)
  • information from the last technical inspection (expiration date of inspection, mileage from last technical inspection, mileage from precending inspection)
  • european emission standards
  • emissions of pollutants
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autoDNA certified vehicle valuation

Used Vehicles and cars valuations by EurotaxGlass's since many years are reliable source of information for automotive industry concerning market prices of used cars. Making a correct decision while buying and selling a used car is much more simple. Vehicle valuation costs little and can prevent you from the loss of significant amount of money.

Certified autoDNA vehicle valuation by EurotaxGlas is a simple and convenient way to check and verify actual market car price/vehicle value. In case of buying and selling a used car the amount of possible transaction should not be much different then the market value of the car in the valuation.

Vehicle valuation contains the number of elements that have impact of the final car value:

  • date of first registration
  • general condition of the car
  • odometer reading (the higher the valuation lower)
  • number of owners (the more owners, the valuation lower)
  • vehicle equipment (extensive equipment increases valuation)
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AutoCheck report

AutoCheck is a leading service provider for US and Canada vehicle history reports. AutoCheck report delivered via our website is an obligatory element while buying and selling a used car from US and Canada. Report is available in various of languages.

What is the content of AutoCheck report:

  • odometer reading records history incl. maintenance history (repairs, inspections)
  • titles history (e.g. salvage vehicle, accident vehicle, scrapped)
  • vehicle use (rental, leasing, taxi)
  • damage caused by forces of nature (fire, flood, hailstorm, hurricane)
  • main vehicle's data, incl. number of previous owners
  • legal status of the vehicle (e.g. lien)
  • information regarding reported problems (so-called Lemon)
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