autoDNA Vehicle History Report for vehicles from the USA

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Initial information

The autoDNA Report for vehicles from the USA begins with the identification of the brand of the vehicle you are checking, including the model and its version.

Vehicle information

This section of the report includes technical data of the vehicle and its use. It includes e.g. engine information, fuel type and fuel consumption. It also informs you of the vehicle dimensions and GVW (gross vehicle weight). The technical specifications are followed by the prices of the vehicle while sold by the manufacturer and the suggested current price of the vehicle.

Title brands records

The “Title brands records” section is divided into 4 subsections: Vehicle status, Vehicle damage, Vehicle use, and Odometer information.

Vehicle status A registry of entries on the vehicle type (e.g. Antique, Replica, Street Rod), vehicle ownership and vehicle purchase (e.g. Manufacturer buyback, Warranty return, Parallel Import), technical faults (e.g. Vehicle with a safety fault which has not been removed) and VIN proceedings (e.g. New VIN number assigned).

Vehicle damage A registry of entries regarding the vehicle damage reported in the USA. These include some very important notifications of the Junk, Salvage and Total loss entries.

Vehicle use A list of entries on the way the vehicle was used in the USA. These include notifications on such uses as a taxi, agricultural or police vehicle, or the manufacturer’s test vehicle.

Odometer information A list of records regarding the mileage registered while the car was used in the USA. These notifications can show e.g. discrepancies in subsequent odometer readouts or the odometer replacement due to its mechanical limits being exceeded.

Title records

This section includes a history of all vehicle ownership titles (the documents which determine the ownership of the vehicle). It is worth remembering that a new ownership title is issued whenever the vehicle owner changes in the USA. Every ownership title (Certificate of Title) is accompanied by the mileage readout registered while issuing the title, as well as the issuing date and place (state).

Theft records

This section includes reports of the vehicle having been stolen in the USA. If the car was reported as stolen or recovered, we will have the date and place where this happened, case number and the details of the person who reported this.

Accidents records

This section of the report includes a list of all accidents and crashes reported for the vehicle in the USA. Every entry includes detailed information: the date and place of the accident, case number and the details of the person who reported this.

Junk, salvage and Insurance records

This section is divided into two subsections: Vehicle dismantling shop entries and Insurer entries

Insurer entries This subsection includes the reports of total loss of the car in the USA. Every report is accompanied by the date and detailed insurer information.

Vehicle dismantling shop entries This subsection includes the reports and proceedings of the vehicle dismantling shop regarding the vehicle you’re checking. These will include the detailed data of the reporting person.

Vehicle sales offers

This section included a list of sales offers of the vehicle in the USA. This is where you will see how much the car was sold for, what its mileage was (as advertised in the offers) and who was selling it.


The glossary includes comprehensive definitions of the ownership title entries. The glossary section won’t be empty unless no entry was ever provided in the vehicle’s ownership title.

Customer Reviews about the report

The report features plenty of information from USA administration. It helped me get a better price on a car with a flooded entry
- Dirk
Ok, lots of info indeed, good value for money
- Marcus
I checked a car I imported for myself from the USA and the data is valid. The car has total write-off reported and is to be used for export.
- Afonso
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