What is the “DasWeltAuto” program? Is it worth it?

11 April 2023

DasWeltAuto is the official program of Volkswagen Group Polska, where you can sell and buy a used car with a verified history, mileage and technical condition. This is a good opportunity for those who want to be sure that they are spending their money wisely.


What is the “DasWeltAuto” program

DasWeltAuto is a multi-brand program for the repurchase and sale of used Volkswagen cars, although it also offers vehicles from other manufacturers. In the program, you can buy used cars with the DasWeltAuto certificate, which confirms their good technical condition. For the buyer of a car with the DasWeltAuto program, it means certainty that the vehicle has passed a detailed inspection.


How long has it existed and who can use it?

The program has been operating on the Polish market since 2014. In recent years, it has gained a lot of popularity. In 2021, customers bought more than 23,000 cars with the Das WeltAuto program, the most since its inception.

The Das WeltAuto program is designed mainly for people looking for a car that’s a few years old, especially from the VW Group, in a good technical condition. It is an interesting alternative to looking for and checking a used car yourself before buying. Enthusiasts of Skoda or Volkswagen will certainly find something for themselves, appreciating, among other things, repairs using original spare parts.



The program includes a large selection of cars with diesel engines, as well as gasoline versions. It is an attractive offer for people looking for a few years old car in good technical condition and with a verified history.



What are the financing options of the cars?

As part of Das WeltAuto, a full range of financial products is available – from a lease through insurance to a loan on preferential terms. For used cars from the VW Group, a special offer is available as part of Volkswagen Financial Services. It gives a very favorable financial conditions, also for people with low own contribution.

The buyer does not have to have the full amount to buy a car and become its owner. There is also no need to look for insurance offers on your own. Financing and policy can be bundled in the Volkswagen Financial Services program, which is very convenient. You can also return the current used car via trading-in.


Which used cars are included in the program?

“The vast majority of cars in our offer are cars up to 5 years old,” explain the representatives of the Volkswagen Group Polska. In 2021, the average age of the car sold under the Das WeltAuto was less than 4 years. The program is dominated by cars from the VW Group, i.e. Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda. In 2021, the Das WeltAuto customers most often bought:

  • Skoda Octavia
  • Skoda Fabia (both models from the third generation)
  • Volkswagen Passat B8.



There are also used Mercedes, Mazda, Hyundai or Renault cars – the range is quite wide. You can even find some electric cars.


It should be taken into account that prices may be slightly higher than in the case of similar private or commission offers. The prices of cars in the program already start at PLN 25,000, however, there are some exceptions. A lot of advertisements consist of offers in the range of PLN 100-200,000.


Uneven offers – purchasing under the Das WeltAuto program

There is a lot to choose from, but by browsing the offers you can get the impression that not all cars are well photographed. For this reason, some offers are difficult to browse, because the posted photos are fuzzy or simply poorly lit. The presented details of the equipment may thus be poorly visible.

This lack of a uniform standard is probably due to the difference in skills and equipment used by people preparing cars for sale. Still, it is quite puzzling in the case of such a large program as Das WeltAuto, which officially promotes one of the world’s largest automotive concerns. In Poland, it is branded by an official importer.


What are the advantages of the “Das WeltAuto” program?

The program offers selected cars, of verified origin and mileage. The biggest advantage of the program is the sale of sure used cars, i.e. with a thoroughly checked and verified mileage, history and technical condition – the Das WeltAuto certificate confirms the technical parameters.

Das WeltAuto offers cars with a verified history and mileage, recorded from the first registration of the vehicle. Most of the cars in the program receive the Das WeltAuto certificate. It confirms that the cars offered under it have been verified in detail according to certain standards. The determination of technical parameters by a potential buyer gives 100% certainty of finding a specific offer.


Every car under the Das WeltAuto program is covered by a minimum one-year warranty ensuring:

  • coverage of repair costs
  • comprehensive service in the dealership
  • repairs with the use of original spare parts in standards compliant with the manufacturer’s technology



In addition, if the buyer is dissatisfied with the purchase decision, they can replace the car within a week of its purchase. Planning to buy a used car, you should take a test drive, and the case of this program, you can do it within up to 7 days.



What does the technical inspection look like in the “Das WeltAuto” program?

Cars in the program undergo a detailed technical test covering as many as 117 elements confirmed by the Das WeltAuto certificate. The main stage of the car inspection is the check done by mechanics from authorized Volkswagen repair shops – any defects are repaired with the use of original spare parts.

It is worth noting that any defects detected during the verification before the car is accepted into the program are removed using original parts in an authorized service point. This ensures that the vehicle is tested and brings you closer to buying the car of your dreams – in the specification of the vehicle you expect, whose optional equipment will ensure comfort of use.

In its recent declarations, Volkswagen promised further expansion of the program – this means the even wider range of cars to choose from, as well as the locations in which the customers will be able to check the offer. This is a response to the customers’ great interest in the program.

So if you are thinking about buying a car, and you want to buy a used car, Das WeltAuto is an interesting option that is definitely worth considering. Searching for used cars on the market is certainly not an easy task. On the contrary, it is very easy to make a costly mistake. Instead programs such as the one run by Volkswagen AG can save a lot of time and effort – and the dream car can be purchased easily and pleasantly. 


It is good to know

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What is the “DasWeltAuto” program? Is it worth it?
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What is the “DasWeltAuto” program? Is it worth it?
DasWeltAuto is the official program of Volkswagen Group Polska, where you can sell and buy a used car with a verified history, mileage and technical condition.
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