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What’s new in autoDNA?
import car

How to import car from Austria? Is it worth buying?

21 August 2023

Used cars are very popular among people who are looking for a vehicle in the best possible condition for slightly less money than new cars. However, buying such cars requires checking several issues and completing certain formalities specific to each country where the purchase is made. How to import car from Austria? What documents should you keep in mind?

What’s new in autoDNA?
what is a car lien

What is a car lien? How to check if there’s a lien on a car?

10 July 2023

When buying a used car, be sure to check whether the car has a so-called lien on it. What is a car lien? A notice of tax lien, usually released due to tax arrears, on the ownership of a car is potentially a big problem for the new owner. The tax liability in this case follows the subject of the tax lien, that is, a car which can even be taken away due to the tax arrears of the previous owner.

What’s new in autoDNA?
new vehicle history report

New autoDNA Vehicle History Report

1 July 2022

Starting from 1st July 2022, the autoDNA Vehicle History Report is going to offer additional values for our customers. To meet the world trends, the purchase process on the website has been simplified, becoming easier and more intuitive. The changes aim at offering the customers new benefits, which were inspired by modern solutions introduced and applied on the world markets.

What’s new in autoDNA?
Roulette is over with autoDNA

Information asymmetry and the “market of lemons”

1 March 2021

autoDNA has prepared an extensive report on the transparency of the automotive market. “Information asymmetry is a condition under which one business party has a significant advantage over the other one they are dealing with, i.e. they possess more information regarding the subject of the transaction and can use it to their benefit at the expense of the other party.”