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Ex-fleet cars: are they worth buying?

5 December 2022

If you’re wondering which second-hand car is a better deal: one that comes from an individual seller, or one that comes from a company owning a whole fleet cars, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll demonstrate the pros and cons of the latter; in fact, we’ll even give you our verdict!

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Cars with autopilot – smoother, safer and infinitely more relaxing

7 November 2022

According to the automotive media, we are inevitably approaching the era of autonomous cars – capable of driving on their own. At the same time, what’s surprising, is that there’s less and less news about the novelty we’re soon to be enjoying, which is the cars with autopilot able to take over the driver’s most boring tasks behind the wheel. In a sense, this solution is going to make the shift from the driving controlled by the driver to the autonomous driving much smoothly, and less chaotic. Anyway, we – the drivers – are going to face a true revolution.

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Dead car battery. How to maintain the car battery

17 October 2022

A dead car battery is the most common issue that occurs in winter. Freezing temperatures cause many difficulties in starting the car in the morning. However, many drivers don’t know that the issues with starting the car caused by the lack of electricity might also happen in summer. What could be the possible reasons for that?

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Four-wheel drive – how does it work, for whom is it, in which models can you find it

3 October 2022

The four-wheel drive is a solution valued by many drivers. What’s important is that it’s installed not only in the off-road cars, but also in SUVs, crossovers, family vans, and even in sedans and compacts. How does the four-wheel drive work, and are its advantages and disadvantages? Details below.

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What are the best diesel cars?

5 September 2022

Invariably, millions of cars drive through the European roads, including the one equipped with the diesel engines. For many decades, diesel cars have been extremely popular not only among Europeans. Drivers have been eagerly buying both new and second-hand passenger cars with an economic and at the same time dynamic source of power, which consumed up to two times less fuel than the gasoline engines.


Extended car warranty: factory warranty and others

29 August 2022

Individual car subassemblies naturally wear out after some time. However, there are certain failures which don’t result from the passage of time, but rather from the material and manufacturing defects. In such cases, drivers carefully check the warranty conditions and look for a way to save up on the repair. However, when the warranty period is coming to an end, it’s a good idea to extended car warranty. Check if it’s a profitable solution and how you can benefit from it.


What sports cars should you buy?

16 August 2022

Sports cars are destined for people who seek for a bit of excitement and adrenaline while driving. A dynamic ride on a public road? Why not, a sports car might not be suited for everyday work commuting or city rides, but then again – it’s not what it’s purchased for. What sports cars should you buy? Take a look at the review of sports cars available on the second-hand cars market.