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Importing a Belgium cars. Everything you need to know

28 March 2022

On the one hand, Belgians maintains and service their vehicles. On the other hand, they treat even a small accident as a total loss and prefer to buy a new car. Thanks to this, you can buy a decent car for an affordable price. How do importing belgium cars and registering it in a different country look like? Check it out.


Imported car from USA – which brands are popular and what should you beware of?

7 March 2022

The popularity of cars from USA in the recent, uneasy for the automotive market, years is not declining. Quite the opposite, it’s growing. While in 2019 and 2020 there were over 33.000 of them imported to Poland yearly, in 2021 the threshold of 35.000 was exceeded. Ford, BMW, Audi and Chrysler belong to the most popular imported car brands. 


How to travel with a dog and other pets?

26 October 2021

How to travel with a dog and other pets? This question is asked by many owners of four-legged pets. As long as you ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, driver and passengers, travelling can become a true pleasure. Find out how to transport your dog in the car, what you need to bear in mind and which accessories will facilitate your task. 


How is the vehicle registration of an English car handled in Poland?

18 October 2021

Vehicle registration of an English car in Poland may differ from that of a vehicle bought in the country. Importing a car is a prevalent practise that many people choose. Some import cars from neighbouring countries, while others choose cars from more distant states, for example, the United Kingdom. How to buy such a vehicle?