What does the Emil Frey Select program have in offer?

24 April 2023

Among other things, the increasing popularity of the secondary market offer, the growing requirements for additional services prompt not only authorized sales networks of specific brands to include in their offer programs dedicated to used vehicles – with full history and additional warranty. One of them is the Emil Frey Select program, which offers cars of every brand in good technical condition.

Mercedes Benz Certified

The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned vehicles

17 April 2023

The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned program allows you to purchase verified, high-quality used cars of the brand in question. This is an excellent solution for drivers who value safe solutions — the offer consists of certified used Mercedes cars from a reliable source. As a result, when buying a new car, there is no stress and fear of making a bad decision. What should you know about the program?


What is the Mazda Certified Pre owned program?

27 March 2023

Mazda Certified Pre owned is an ideal program for people who are looking for high-quality, renowned and verified used cars. This solution allows you to purchase a car from the Mazda Certified Pre-owned dealership and enjoy high quality and safety during short and long rides. What should you know about the program? You can find more information below.


Car color and the risk of damage

14 March 2023

Which car color regarding its body means a high probability that the car was involved in a collision? And which color indicates low probability of such event? Based on the data from the database of billions of records, autoDNA checked how car colors in 2022 translated into a statistical risk of damage in vehicle history.