The basics of towing

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Towing is not as difficult as it may seem to towing or towed driver. It’s not the difficulty of the task itself that will make you stressed, though; instead, you have to remember that towing is not needed unless a car breaks down and this means one of the drivers will already have a good reason to be stressed out. Even if you never had to tow or be towed, it is wise to be prepared in advance; situations like this make it easy to forget the basic rules of towing.
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Prepare your car for autumn

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prepare your car for autumn

An average driver won’t even think of preparing their car for autumn. While it hardly sounds surprising, autumn can, in fact, be much more difficult for your car than winter. It is normal for winter to be very cold; this makes the drivers more wary and the streets tend to be maintained better than in autumn since snow and frost are expected. Many drivers also resign from driving in winter and just leave their cars parked in front of their houses, either because the weather is terrible or because they have no choice; the car just won’t start.

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Buying a Car?

Innovative V2X security systems in new Japanese cars

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Cars driving one after another, all slowing down as soon as the first one uses brakes? Your car display informing you of a huge traffic jam ahead and advising that you can take a train from the nearest station in a few minutes instead? These ideas sound like science-fiction but they are already being tested by automotive corporations; they will be included in V2X systems.

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