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Registering a Belgium cars

Registering a Belgium cars. Find out how to do it!

25 September 2023

On the one hand, Belgians maintain and service their vehicles. On the other hand, they treat even a small crash as a total loss and prefer to buy a new car. Thanks to this, you can buy a decent car for an affordable price. Interestingly, it is estimated that up to 50.000 used cars from this country are imported to Poland every year. What is the procedure for importing a Belgium cars and its registration in Poland? Check out what you need to know! 

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Importing a car from Italy.

Importing a car from Italy. Everything you need to know

18 September 2023

Many people decide to buy a car abroad. All this due to the fact that residents of rich countries more often replace their vehicles and take better care of them without skimping on funds, although this does not apply to all nations. However, while looking for the perfect car, you should take into account several factors. You must not forget about the necessary formalities that await you after the purchase. Is it difficult to import a car from Italy?

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A Ukrainian car

A Ukrainian car – import and registration in Poland

11 September 2023

More and more imported cars are coming to Poland. These are not only used cars, but also brand new ones. Regardless of the type the car, all imported cars must be registered in an office. In addition, it should be remembered that buying a car from abroad often involves completing more formalities. What should you remember when importing Ukrainian car? Check the details on their import and registration in Poland.

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Registration of a Dutch car.

Importing a Dutch cars. Everything you need to know, step by step

4 September 2023

The Netherlands as a source of used cars has been particularly popular with professional dealers. Entire squares in many places in Poland are occupied by Dutch cars – the best example of this is, for example, Kutno near Łódź in Poland, a true mecca of used cars from the country of legal drugs.

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English car

What does the registration of a English car look like in Poland?

28 August 2023

Western European markets have been for years an attractive place to look for reliable and suitable for further use cars. This also applies to the Great Britain – the country of cars with a steering wheel on the right side. For several years, the registration of a English car in Poland has not created as many formal and technical problems as in the past.

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How to import a Swedish car

How to import a Swedish car?

16 August 2023

Importing a Swedish car is an interesting solution for people who are fond of richly equipped cars – especially if you are interested in the gasoline engine versions. Before deciding on a second-hand car imported from Sweden, however, it is necessary to check several issues as well as calculate the entire undertaking, verify whether you are able to carry it out on our own or whether you will need help of a specialized company. How to bring such a car? What formalities should be kept in mind when carrying out such an undertaking?

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engine oil

How often should you change the oil in Your car? Everything you need to know

3 July 2023

For the proper performance of the combustion engine in the car, it is necessary to regularly change the oil along with the filter. This is one of the most basic actions. How often should you change the oil in Your car? And how much does an oil change cost? – Our article as well as whether you can change the engine oil on our own.

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car color

Car color and the risk of damage

14 March 2023

Which car color regarding its body means a high probability that the car was involved in a collision? And which color indicates low probability of such event? Based on the data from the database of billions of records, autoDNA checked how car colors in 2022 translated into a statistical risk of damage in vehicle history.