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Car color and the risk of damage

14 March 2023

Which car color regarding its body means a high probability that the car was involved in a collision? And which color indicates low probability of such event? Based on the data from the database of billions of records, autoDNA checked how car colors in 2022 translated into a statistical risk of damage in vehicle history.


Watch out for those cars! In which used models is total loss most common?

7 February 2023

According to the autoDNA data for 2022, among the popular used cars on the market, the risk of total loss is quite high – from 11.2% to even 16.8% of reports for selected models contained an entry regarding the occurrence of such an event. Their average value varies – from EUR 6,800 to even close to EUR 11,000.

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Dead car battery. How to maintain the car battery

17 October 2022

A dead car battery is the most common issue that occurs in winter. Freezing temperatures cause many difficulties in starting the car in the morning. However, many drivers don’t know that the issues with starting the car caused by the lack of electricity might also happen in summer. What could be the possible reasons for that?

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when to replace tyres

When to replace tires: what should you know?

12 September 2022

There are three types of tires available on the market – summer, winter and all-season. All these types of tires are very distinct from one another. Many drivers tend to forget that the weather conditions in summer and winter differ as well. When to replace tyres? Why is it important to replace tires accordingly to the current season?

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New autoDNA Vehicle History Report

1 July 2022

Starting from 1st July 2022, the autoDNA Vehicle History Report is going to offer additional values for our customers. To meet the world trends, the purchase process on the website has been simplified, becoming easier and more intuitive. The changes aim at offering the customers new benefits, which were inspired by modern solutions introduced and applied on the world markets.