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A used car dealership. Is it worth buying a car there?

4 October 2021

The used car market is pervasive. You can find cars at almost any price – from a few to even several hundred thousand zlotys, it all depends on your needs and financial possibilities. But how to be sure that a second-hand car is worth its price? Well, the solution may be to buy a car from a used car dealership. Is it worth it?


What to pay attention to when buying a used car straight from a showroom?

Purchasing a used car from an authorised dealer involves incomparably less risk than buying from a private seller. That is because you can expect a warranty and receive reliable information about the car of your choice. Nevertheless, you should contemplate your decision and, above all, thoroughly examine the vehicle’s technical condition and history.

You should be aware that you are not buying a new car in perfect condition. The model you are interested in has already been used by another driver. It may have had some repairs done or some faults. All this should be of interest to you as a future owner. So what should you particular concentrate on when choosing a car from a showroom?

  1. Technical condition – this is a fundamental criterion for choosing a used car, so you should gather as much information about it as possible. A lot depends here on the mileage.
  2. Origin – according to experts, the safest choice is cars bought from the first owner, acquired initially from a Polish showroom. Every subsequent driver increases the risk of faults and negligence.
  3. No accidents – a minor accident is not a criterion excluding a car as a vehicle in good condition; it all depends on the scale. More severe accidents usually involve technical defects, but the price of such cars is much lower. Therefore, it is worth balancing this reasonably.
  4. Service history – extremely important when it comes to used cars. Find out where the vehicle was repaired. Authorised service centres would be ideal as you can have complete information on the scope of work done to the car. You can also be convinced that only original spare parts were used.
  5. Interior condition – if the cockpit is heavily worn out, it may be a sign that the previous owner did not care about the car’s technical condition. You should therefore take a closer look at its parameters.


Advantages of buying a used car from a dealership


Pay attention

When buying a used car from an authorised dealer, first of all, you can be sure that the vehicles offered have been checked and their condition is consistent with the seller’s declarations.


When deciding to buy from private individuals or the so-called traders, you run a considerable risk. Technical defects or other irregularities may only come to light after some time. It is not always due to malicious intent on the part of the seller, as they may sometimes be unaware that something is wrong. That is especially true if the vehicle is offered for sale by a private individual.

The warranty that the dealer often offers is also significant. Reputable dealerships are concerned about service levels and their good name and cannot risk that by selling used cars in poor condition, untested or of unknown origin. If a defect is found after purchase, you know whom to address and discuss further steps. By choosing a “random” seller, you can never be sure.

For many people familiar with the motor vehicle market, a significant advantage of used vehicles is that they come from a Polish showroom and have been used by one owner. Dealerships offer a lot of such cars. Some used vehicles are, for example, traded in when the driver has decided to replace their car with a newer model.

Entrepreneurs, but not only, will undoubtedly be interested in the different financing options when buying a second-hand vehicle. Dealers offer various sales options, including instalment purchase, lease, long-term rental and other favourable solutions.



Disadvantages of buying a used car from the showroom

Is it always worth buying a used car from the showroom? A vehicle from a dealership offers numerous advantages, but sometimes it is worthwhile to take advantage of another type of sale. Among other things, this is the case if you are determined to buy one particular make of used car.

There are quite a few such models on the used car market. However, you need to visit at least a few dealerships to find the car you want. If your needs are highly specific, dealers in your area may not currently have the vehicle you are looking for. Then you just have to wait patiently for the model in question to come on sale.

Another aspect is the price. Unfortunately, you have to pay more for the certainty of a perfect technical condition, the use of authorised service and original parts installed there. So if you’re interested in used cars at a lower price point, and possible future repairs are not a problem for you, used cars from a dealer won’t make the best solution.


Is it worth buying used cars from a dealer?

This option has many benefits, especially when buying used cars at the higher end of the price spectrum. The most significant advantage is the certainty that the vehicle on offer has been checked, its history is known, and repairs are documented by expert mechanics. In view of the numerous fraudulent practices in the used car sector, particularly the tampering with the mileage and the concealment of severe defects, these advantages are significant.

The purchase of a car from the showroom is frequently preferred by people who want to choose financing, which is advantageous from their point of view. However, that option is usually not available for individuals who need to pay the money immediately.

However, not everyone will find the model of their dreams in a car dealership. Mainly, if they are looking for a budget car, minor defects or an undocumented number of kilometres driven are not the critical criteria.


It is good to know

Did you like this article? Anything you’d like to ask in your comment? Feel free to share your feedback and comment at the bottom of the article. And remember – always before buying a car, motorcycle or even a trailer – check vehicle history and free VIN lookup with autoDNA based on the VIN number. VIN check is one of the most important things to do before deciding to buy a used vehicle. Thanks to this, autoDNA helps you make an informed decision.



A used car dealership. Is it worth buying a car there?
Article Name
A used car dealership. Is it worth buying a car there?
The used car market is pervasive. You can find cars at almost any price. Well, the solution may be to buy a car from a used car dealership. Is it worth it?
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