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Danish car – what does importing look like?

19 April 2022

Used cars are still very popular. Some people decide to buy such vehicles in other countries, where the quality to price ratio is usually much better. How is that in the case of Danish car? What do you need to know about importing a car from this country, and are such cars worthy of attention?


Importing a Danish Car

When deciding to get a car from Denmark, you can check it for free on a government website: Thanks to this platform, you will be able to check the mileage of the car you’d like to buy. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as you’d think it could be. Theoretically, you would only need the VIN number and the Danish license plate number. While obtaining the first from the owner of the car shouldn’t be a problem, receiving the license plate number might be difficult, especially when the seller does not want to provide it or provides a different one.


It is good to know

At, the market-leading VIN decoding tool, you can free VIN lookup on a given vehicle. All you need for this is the VIN number. In the reports, on used cars, you can find information that will allow you to check whether the seller is telling the truth or not. In the report, you can find data on various topics. One of them is the vehicle history or stolen vehicle bases. You can do a VIN check for free 24/7 throughout the year.





Where to look for a car from the Danish market?

In Denmark, the following Internet auction portals are available: and On these websites, among others, you can browse cars offered on the Danish market.


How to decrease the price of a car with the tax refund charged in Denmark?

Cars in Denmark cost much more. Their prices are usually up to twice as high. It is due to the very high tax. Fortunately, it is possible to get tax refund of 60%. How to do it? First of all, the car should meet some particular criteria. It has to be destined for export. Another important aspect is its gross price. In terms of the net value, nothing can be deducted. Aside from that, the car has to be unregistered, without the possibility to be re-registered in Denmark.


Formalities connected with the tax refund



At, you need submit the proper export application document 21.044 to the Danish internal revenue office. 


The application should be sent along with a copy of the vehicle registration book via the e-mail. After that, the car should stay in Denmark for the next 14 days. During this time, the Danish internal revenue office might require inspecting the car.

The next step is registering the car. After finishing this action, you need to send a scan of the vehicle registration book proper for Denmark to the Danish internal revenue office SKAT. For all the mentioned formalities you have the maximum time of 3 months. After this period, the tax refund won’t be possible anymore.


When looking for a car from Denmark, pay attention to the following:

  • mileage,
  • technical condition,
  • legal status,
  • registration issues,
  • manufacture year,
  • equipment,
  • number of owners,
  • valid TPL insurance.


Technical condition of cars from Denmark

The technical condition of the Danish vehicle is crucial. After all, the costs of any repairs or the safe use of the purchased car depend on it. Whether an automobile is accident-free can usually be found in VIN-based reports and autoDNA vehicle history reports. Cars have their unique number by which you can check the essential information about them without leaving your home.


Number of owners

All car owners must be present when buying a car in Denmark. Therefore, make sure that stakeholders are there and sign the contract. Otherwise, the transaction may be invalid.


Car registration or de-registration

If the car has been de-registered for some time, it might require transporting on a flatbed. Otherwise, you drive it home, but special export plates should be acquired in such a situation. It also entails additional fuel costs.


How to bring a vehicle from Denmark?

Passenger cars from Denmark are trendy, but the country is quite away from other european country, for example Poland. Thus, it is vital to plan its import. How to do it? What do you need to bear in mind when buying cars from Denmark?




Bringing a Danish car by yourself

There is an option to bring a car from Denmark by driving it. Then, however, you need to add extra fuel costs. It is only possible with fully operational vehicles. When buying a car, you should get the following documents:

  • an export permit,
  • the registration certificate,
  • a sales contract,
  • valid TPL insurance policy,
  • the vehicle card (if issued).



A vehicle from Denmark should be de-registered with the local authority. You also need to get special export plates with which we can return to country. They must be obtained from a local transport authority. However, immediately after arriving in country, you need to register the car and pay the excise tax.




Bringing the car through an intermediary

There is also an option to import the car through an intermediary. Then they take care of the necessary formalities. Importing a car this way is a convenient solution for people who do not have time to travel for the chosen vehicle. Thanks to professional companies, we can also spare money and nerves.

Using specialists dealing with importing cars also facilitates legal issues where you do not know the language. Then the vehicle from Denmark arrives in country on a flatbed. This way, even a broken car can be transported, and importing involves fewer necessary formalities. Of course, it costs more, but it is often the only available solution.


Arrival by car from Denmark to country

If you already know how to bring a car, it is worth considering what to do after arriving. The temporary registration plate is only valid for 30 days, so you must complete the payment and registration formalities immediately upon return. It is imperative to pay the excise tax and only then have the technical inspection done. Both documents are necessary to complete further steps, i.e. to register the vehicle with the authorities.

The first inspection after purchasing the car must be performed in country, which means that you must make an appointment at a vehicle inspection station upon arrival. Luckily, we can do it in numerous places all over the country.


Documents needed to register a vehicle from Denmark

In order to register a used car from Denmark, certain documents must be presented to the registering authority. The Danish car registration number will also come in handy. Also, the following documents must be present:

  • an excise duty payment receipt,
  • a translation of the contract,
  • the registration certificate,
  • a technical inspection certificate,
  • registration plates,
  • a registration fees payment receipt,

You have 30 days to register your car from the moment you bring it to country. Often, however, ready-made plates are available in advance. Also, remember that translating documents takes time, so take care of it early enough.


Translation of documents

Documents obtained during the transaction should be translated. However, it is mainly about the purchase and sale agreement. In this case, it is necessary to use a sworn translator. 


Vehicle technical inspection

Whether the car from Denmark has a valid technical inspection or not, it must be performed again in country. The information from the diagnostic station is included in the application for registration of the vehicle. It is worth doing it early enough to complete all the formalities on time. The car must be roadworthy to drive it per its intended use.


How many cars are imported from Denmark annually?

In Denmark, buying a new car involves a hefty tax, so prices are higher than in other European countries. However, some people choose to purchase vehicles there anyway. The Danes care for their cars, so in most cases, they are in perfect condition.




Annually, about 22,000 cars are imported from Denmark. It is less than from the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands or France. However, it is still a remarkable number. Importing cars from this country is popular among people who focus on quality at an attractive price. However, you need to carefully check the vehicle to avoid making a mistake and enjoy it for years to come.


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Danish car - what does importing look like?
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Danish car - what does importing look like?
Some people decide to buy such vehicles in other countries, where the quality to price ratio is usually much better. How is that in the case of Danish car?
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