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Importing a Swedish car. What it looks like?

25 April 2022

Bringing a car is a perfect solution for people looking for an excellent price to quality ratio. However, before deciding on a second-hand imported Swedish car, it is necessary to check a few issues. How to bring such a vehicle? What formalities must be kept in mind when carrying out such an operation?


What to look at when choosing a Swedish car?

When deciding to buy a car from Sweden, there are a few items to check. The essential one is the car’s good repair. It can be verified for each vehicle by the VIN. When verifying information about a car from Sweden, it is worth paying attention to such factors as:

  • mileage,
  • vehicle history
  • legal status,
  • technical condition,
  • manufacture year,
  • equipment,
  • TPL Insurance,
  • whether the car is registered.


Pay attention

Knowing the VIN allows you to generate an autoDNA vehicle history report. The reports contain information on the history of vehicles, repairs, damages, inspections and mileage. With autoDNA, you can check your car online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Where to look for a car in Sweden?

When planning to buy a car in Sweden, you need to know where to look for it. The auction portals are very helpful, for sure. Below, you can find a list of websites which you can browse in order to find cars put up for sale in Sweden. It is these portals that are best to browse for cars before traveling to this Scandinavian country.



These are 4 popular websites worth visiting to look for cars: and As Sweden is quite a large country, we recommend that you look for cars rather in its southern part. Driving to the north of this country might substantially lower the profitability of the car purchase.


It is also a good idea, as far as it’s possible, to look for a car with low mileage. It’s better to pay more a car in a better condition than later investing in order to save a car in a worse state.


Owners of a car from Sweden

All car owners must be present when concluding the transaction. Only one of them cannot decide about the sale. Therefore, you’d better find out who the car belongs to and whether the contract has been drawn up correctly.


How to bring a car from Sweden?

Importing a car from Sweden requires planning steps in the right way. There is an option to deliver the purchased car to country on your own or use a flatbed. Which solution works best in a given case?


Bringing a Swedish car by yourself

A vehicle from Sweden can be driven to country (for example Poland). Obviously, it must be a fully operational car, which does not pose a threat on the road, and technical tests have confirmed its condition. However, to leave Sweden driving the vehicle, certain formalities must be completed on the spot. Documents will be useful such as:

  • the sales contract or invoice,
  • two parts of the registration certificate,
  • the registration plates.

When leaving Sweden, you have to de-register your car there. Otherwise, the previous owner will have to continue to pay TPL premiums and carry out inspections. To do that, you will need the yellow part of the registration certificate.







Importing a car from Sweden and Personnummer

Deciding to import a car from Sweden on your own, you need to remember about one more important thing. Before arrival, you should inform the seller that you come from another country and that you do not dispose of the Swedish version of the Polish PESEL. The so-called Personnummer.


What to do in case of not having Personnummer

Without having this number, it is much more difficult to purchase a car from Sweden. The number is necessary for the Swedish seller in order to unregister the car and report the change of the owner. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can purchase a car without the necessity of having such number. First of all, you need to inform the seller that you do not dispose of Personnummer.

To unregister the car, the yellow part of the vehicle registration book is required. If unavailable, the seller is obliged to have a review done at a Swedish vehicle inspection station, purchase a policy and pay the road fund tax.

 If you decide to use services of an agent, you need to be careful. Unfortunately, not all of them are honest. Some of them might try to conceal faults of the car or clock the odometer.


Bringing the car through an intermediary

There is also an option to use an intermediary. Then the customer does not have to go to Sweden on their own to bring the car. A specialised company takes care of everything. They complete the necessary transaction formalities and then bring the vehicle and required documents home. It is a great help for people who do not know the Swedish language. Used cars imported in this way usually arrive in country on a flatbed. Therefore, they may also be vehicles that are not fully functional, which cannot be driven.




Driving by car from Sweden to country

After purchasing the car, you should come to country by driving it. From then on, you will have 30 days to complete the necessary formalities. During this time, you have to pay specific fees, translate documents, and perform a technical inspection. However, remember that during the above-mentioned 30 days, you must also have third-party liability insurance. Many people opt for a temporary option. It allows you to avoid serious financial consequences. This rule does not only apply to cars that were de-registered long before the transaction and brought to country on a flatbed. In such a case, third party liability insurance must only be taken out after their registration.


Documents needed to register a vehicle from Sweden

The process of registering a car from Sweden in country (for example Poland) should begin with paying the excise tax. Also, it will be necessary to provide such documents as:

  • the registration certificate,
  • excise duty and other registration fees payment receipts,
  • technical inspection certificate (from your own country),
  • the purchase and sale agreement or invoice translated into (translated into your language),

The previous car owner should provide these documents. That is why you should take care to get all the necessary items before leaving Sweden.


Translation of documents

You will likely receive documents in Swedish when buying a car. You can also draw up the contract in English, but after returning to country, you will still have to translate it into your language, the (language accepted by authorities). However, the car registration certificate from Sweden does not have to be translated as this country is part of the European Union.


Pay attention

You should find a sworn translator immediately after you bring your car from Sweden. You have 30 days to complete the formalities, so it is worth making it in time.



Vehicle technical inspection

Before preparing an application to register a car from Sweden, you also need to carry out a technical inspection in our own country If the vehicle was roadworthy and registered in Sweden, it probably already has such a confirmation. However, in Poland, another technical examination, which is part of the registration application, must be performed. So you should do it in good time, before going to the transport department.

It is good to know

At, the market-leading VIN decoding tool, you can free VIN lookup on a given vehicle. All you need for this is the VIN number. In the reports, on used cars, you can find information that will allow you to check whether the seller is telling the truth or not. In the report, you can find data on various topics. One of them is the vehicle history or stolen vehicle bases. You can do a VIN check for free 24/7 throughout the year.




The VIN and the license plate number are essential

Still, even in this case, there might be some unkempt cars in a bad condition. Therefore, you shouldn’t take for granted that all the cars on this market are going to be in a good condition. You need check them as thoroughly as you’d check cars from any other country.


How many cars are imported from Sweden on average?

In Sweden, drivers who drive against the applicable law may receive expensive tickets. For this reason, Scandinavian cars are usually in much better condition. It is easier to find an accident-free vehicle at an attractive price there.

About 18,000 cars are imported from Sweden each year. All because of the rather complicated transport and long distance. Sweden is one of the less popular destinations for importing cars, but it is appreciated by people who choose accident-free vehicles at favourable prices.




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Importing a Swedish car. What it looks like?
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Importing a Swedish car. What it looks like?
Before deciding on a second-hand imported Swedish car, it is necessary to check a few issues. How to bring such a vehicle? See for yourself!
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