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Ukrainian car – import and registration in Poland

4 May 2022

Ukrainian car – what should you know? There are more and more cars being imported to Poland and other European countries. These are not only used cars, but also brand new ones. Regardless of which of the type the car, all imported cars must be registered in an office. Details below.

autoDNA is a native Polish company. Due to the fact that the current situation in Ukraine also affects Poland, we have created a text for our Polish blog to help people from Ukraine. We also decided to publish it on an English-language blog, so the following advice applies to the Polish market.


Ukrainian car – how they are imported?

From Ukraine, new owners of cars import not only used ones, but also some import brand new cars. Although Ukrainian companies do not manufacture the cars, this country is known for manufacturing car parts. Recently, the SUV cars are very popular there. It’s worth keeping in mind that before the purchase, your decision should not be based only on the photos of the car, but also its vehicle history as well as the technical condition verification done at a service. When it comes to the used cars, it’s a good idea to check their engine – it’s important to check it if the has been in use all the time, as it allows avoiding unpleasant surprises which might take place in the future, and lead to the necessary visits at services. However, by verifying the source from which the car originates, you might increase your chances for finding a good offer. The chances are a bit lower when it comes to purchasing a car form a car factory, although the year of the car is also significant.



Interestingly, Soviet cars, such as the Volga cars, also inevitably reach other countries. According to many, cars of this type are in an average condition and prior to using them, many formalities has to be completed. In terms of the older cars, the problems occur both when it comes to importing and registering them, but such old cars are worth the trouble for the connoisseurs of classics.


Calculating the costs of importing a car from Ukraine

When importing a car from abroad, you need to remember that the cost will not only consist of the price of the car, but also the expenses connected with the tax and purchasing a short-term MTPL insurance, as well as purchasing the temporary plates. Depending on the condition of the car, in the case of cars purchased in Ukraine, it might be also necessary to pay for the tow truck. These expenses won’t be low for sure, although for those who want to invest in extraordinary vehicles – classics – the expenses won’t matter much.

Another important expense connected with importing a car is the excise. If the owner doesn’t receive a document which releases them from it, the owner has to pay the tax according to the rules below:

  • 3.1% of the car value, in the case of cars whose engine capacity is up to 2000 cm3,
  • 18.6% of the car value for cars whose engine capacity exceeds 2000 cm3.

Remember that the excise tax has to be paid within 30 days.



Selling a car to a person from Ukraine

When planning to sell a vehicle to a person from Ukraine, you need to know exactly how to complete all the necessary formalities. In a situation when the seller knows the Ukrainian language and the law, they can do the transaction abroad. Still, it’s better to sell the car in Poland or other country of destination. In terms of Poland – all you need is the purchase and sale contract. The translation of the documents necessary to register the car in a foreign country are the duty of the buyer – in this case, the new owner from Ukraine. It’s also possible to have the contract in two language versions. Still, regardless of the language of the contract, it has to include appropriate information. It’s also important to remember that there’s no Ukrainian equivalent of the Polish PESEL number, therefore the contract has to include all the personal data of the buyer, their passport number and the Tax Identification Number.

Along with the contract, you should pass to the new owner the following items:

  • vehicle registration book,
  • vehicle card,
  • keys,
  • valid MTPL policy.

Only when disposing of such documents can a Ukrainian register the vehicle in a Ukrainian office.


Car as removal goods

The term “removal goods” refers to all goods intended for personal use of people interested or goods used for the needs of a household. A type of removal goods is private vehicles. In order to drive removal goods from Ukraine, you need to complete certain formalities – they differ depending on the country from which the transport will take place.

In order to transport removal goods correctly and in accordance with the Polish law, the following steps need to be completed:

  • report the goods to the customs authorities in Poland to the permit of use procedure,
  • apply for the exemption of custom duties – you should attach the list of the things transported along with their number and the value of the goods,
  • apply for the transit procedure – it can be an e-application NCTS along with the financial security for the duty and tax.


Registration of a car from Ukraine in Poland

Every owner of a new car, in order to legally use it on the Polish roads, has to register the vehicle in the communication office in the starosty proper for the residence address. Ukraine is not in Europe, therefore the new owners must meet certain requirements. Below, you will find the most important information.


Documents required for registering

To register a car from Ukraine, you need to submit a vehicle registration application in the starosty proper for the residence address.

In case of registering a new car, you need to submit:

  • a filled-in vehicle registration application,
  • vehicle card (if issued),
  • the original proof of purchase of the vehicle or other proof of ownership,
  • confirmations of the payments required to register the vehicle,
  • if the vehicle has been imported from outside of the European Union – proof of customs clearance.

The process is a bit different when it comes to the used cars. In such case, you need to submit:

  • a filled-in vehicle registration application,
  • the original document confirming the ownership of the vehicle, contract of donation, VAT invoice,
  • vehicle card (if issued),
  • temporary vehicle registration book containing a valid technical inspection entry,
  • license plates,
  • confirmations of the payments required to register the vehicle,
  • ID card (available for inspection),
  • confirmation of entering a contract with the insurer – concerns the MTPL insurance (available for inspection).

Apart from these, in the case of cars imported from outside of the EU, the new owner must attach the following to their application:

  • confirmation of the positive result of the technical inspection,
  • temporary license plates of the vehicle – if not issued, or they have to returned to the country from which the vehicle has been imported – you will only need a declaration that the license plates were not issued or that they have to be returned to the country from which the vehicle has been imported,
  • proof of customs clearance,
  • a document regarding the recycling of the vehicle.

ukrainian registration_2005

ukrainian registration_2020

Expenses of the registration

Registration of each new vehicle in the office requires expenses. The basic costs are as follows:

  • 85 PLN – payment for the vehicle registration book, a set of legaisation signs, and a control sticker on the windshield,
  • 13.50 PLN – payment for the temporary permission,
  • 80 PLN – payment for the license plates, in the case of a passenger car,
  • 75 PLN – payment for the vehicle card – if the manufacturer or the imported has not issued the card,
  • 50 grosz – vehicle registration fee.



What’s more, if the registered car has not been registered before in Poland, but it was imported to Poland before 1st January 2016 – then before visiting the office, you will have to pay the “recycling fee” of 500 PLN.


Popular cars purchased in Ukraine

In 2020, there were almost 21.000 new cars registered in Ukraine. Compared to Poland, where there were over 100.000 new cars registered, it’s a small number. Which brands are mostly chosen by the citizens of Ukraine?

The most popular is Renault – there were around 3500 cars registered, the second most popular is Toyota – around 3000 items registered. Other popular brands are Kia, Nissan and Skoda. These brands can be seen on Polish roads, so it’s no wonder that these brands are popular – they stand out in the quality and the aesthetic design.

ukrainian car_info


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Ukrainian car – import and registration in Poland
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Ukrainian car – import and registration in Poland
Ukrainian car – what should you know? There are more and more cars being imported to Poland and other European countries. These are not only used cars.
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