Is it worth using the “Ford Used” program?

3 April 2023

The Ford Used program allows you to buy used cars conveniently and safely – with little mileage, known history and a technical inspection guaranteeing an exemplary technical condition. This is certainly an interesting alternative for people thinking about buying a car on the secondary market.


What is the Ford Used program?

Ford Used is a program under which used passenger cars are sold. The cars must meet several important conditions – it is primarily the age (not more than 8 years) and low mileage (up to 150.000 km), as well as technical parameters. Every car offered in the Ford Used program has the FORD Vehicle Quality Certificate which guarantees a safe purchase of the vehicle.

Used Ford cars included in the program are granted a 12-month warranty, with the opportunity to purchase packages of warranty of up to 3 years. In addition, the package also offers a roadside assistance package – also for a year. When buying a car via the program, you can also repair it at any authorized Ford service center throughout Poland and Europe.



What is the Ford Used program then? First of all, it is a good alternative for people who want to buy a used car, and at the same time want to avoid used car lots, dealers and private sellers. This is the optimal choice for those who expect comfort of shopping in a car dealership, and at the same time do not want to decide to purchase new cars. It is them who these offers are addressed to, among which there are really interesting selections.


Who is the program addressed to?

New electric cars, hybrid cars or new SUVs may cost almost as much as a small apartment. What’s more, the loss of value already at the moment of the new car leaving the car dealership is huge – and this prompts many people to take an interest in used cars, which can be purchased at a much more reasonable price.

The Ford Used program offers undoubtedly the best used Ford cars at the best price.

Our customers’ safety is our priority, therefore we apply strict standards for the cars in the Ford Used program – thanks to this, with good conscience we can guarantee unbeatable quality of the vehicles offered, which is confirmed with the Vehicle Quality Certificate.

Our experienced car mechanics thoroughly check all the elements of the cars – from the chassis, wheels, the drive system to the functionality of the equipment, so that our customers can be confident about their decision to make the purchase.

The 100% purchase satisfaction is another key point, we treat our customers like family members and working on long-lasting relationships based on trust and honesty is our priority

– says Maciej Rajewski, Ford Approved Manager and Used Car Manager.

It is these people who the Ford Used program is addressed to – they want to choose from a wide range of used cars with low mileage, which are a few years old (therefore already past the stage of the greatest loss of value) and with a guaranteed technical condition – i.a. by the Ford brand. By using the program offer, you can also use financing on preferential terms, and decide on a lease or loan. Thanks to this, the purchase cost can be spread over time into affordable installments, which – in the case of leasing – can also be included in the costs of running a business.


Financing in the Ford Used program 

Ford Used offers several purchase options:

  • for cash – paying the entire amount at a time
  • Ford Credit – for a credit for individual users
  • Ford Lease – for business customers

Used passenger cars can be purchased via the Ford Used program with cash by opting to pay the full amount at once. This is an option for people who have available funds and do not run any business at the same time.

For the business customers, Ford Lease is an attractive offer, under which the purchase cost can be divided into installments at a reasonable price, which are listed on the VAT invoice and included in the business costs.

Ford also has an offer for individual users. Ford Credit includes passenger cars and vans up to 3.5 tons of GVM. The permissible loan period ranges from 6 to even 120 months, and the interest rate is fixed throughout the duration of the contract. Moreover, in the case of a loan for less than PLN 150,000, no own contribution is required, which makes it easier to choose the offer that best suits the customer.



Whether you’re buying a used car from Ford or from any other source, it’s worth checking every vehicle thoroughly. For this purpose, you can use the autoDNA report. The information contained in it can help you determine the past of the car, its technical parameters, the number of owners, the legality of origin, as well as a possible accident history.

Such verification of the vehicle – even a cop which has the FORD vehicle quality certificate – is a way to make sure that everything is in order before making the purchase. And if there are any discrepancies, it is an argument to negotiate the price.




How are the cars checked?

The Ford Used vehicles are subject to a thorough inspection at a Ford authorized service point, the procedure of which is confirmed by the FORD Vehicle Quality Certificate. With more than 150 control points of technical inspection, Ford guarantees the exemplary technical condition of the cars.

The cars in the Ford Used program have to be top-tier and the autoDNA vehicle history reports are to confirm this state. I am particularly glad about establishing cooperation with autoDNA, as speaking exactly about honesty and strict standards of car selection, it is another important milestone on our uncompromising path towards a certain and reliable purchase and transparent sale

– adds Maciej Rajewski.

This is confirmed by the unlimited mileage warranty and the 12-month Roadside Assistance package, which provides the user with peace of mind in every situation. For each vehicle, the information contained in the service history is also analyzed to make sure that absolutely everything is in order – and the slogan “buy a used Ford with confidence” was not just an empty promise.


Which vehicles are available in this program?

Ford Used is an opportunity to try a wide range of used cars, ranging from small city cars, through limousines and SUVs, to hybrid cars.



Used cars in the Ford program are primarily the most popular models on Polish roads. Focus and Mondeo dominate in Poland, but the smallest Ka model and the off-road Ford Kuga are also popular. Among the vehicles that particularly attract attention is the Ford Focus in the sporty RS version equipped with a 2.3-liter engine with 350 HP. This option is for those who don’t like to stay behind.

At any moment, the offer includes at least several dozen cars located in dealerships throughout Poland. It is worth checking new offers regularly – because it is only a matter of time when, for example, new hybrid cars are available (of course after few years of exploitation by the first owner).


Other brands

In the Ford Used program, only cars from this manufacturer are offered. There are no cars of other brands here, however, a wide selection – all offers are immediately available on the website – should satisfy even the most demanding customers. Therefore, if you want to buy used cars from other manufacturers, you need to use other programs (including multi-brand ones, in which used Ford cars can also be purchased).


Used cars from companies – fleet hits

There are many Ford cars among the company cars driven on Polish roads. High reliability, comprehensive offer, wide range of equipment and accessories, parts easily available anywhere in Poland and attractive financing along with the Assistance road package make this brand particularly popular with fleet managers. This also translates into high availability of company cars in the Ford Used program.

The most common fleet car in this case is Ford Focus, however, companies are also eager to reach for a higher shelf model – Mondeo. In any case, it is worth checking the offers on the program’s website.


Advantages of the Ford Used program

Used cars can be purchased in very good condition, with low mileage and meticulous technical control. This is the primary advantage of the program. Another one is the extensive post-purchase support provided by the company. You can count on both the Roadside Assistance package and the unlimited mileage warranty. So, this is a way to buy a used car at a reasonable price which not worse than a new one, while making use of all the advantages associated with using the offer of an authorized brand representative.

Let us recall the financing options not available for purchases from private owners who are unable to issue invoices. Ford offers both credit and lease, so you can afford used vehicles much easier and faster.


Disadvantages of the program

When buying used vehicles in the Ford Used program, it is worth being aware of the fact that the so-called price opportunities are unlikely to happen. The program is aimed at customers who are interested in exemplary technical condition, trouble-free warranty and quality similar to that provided by new cars. These are features for which conscious users are willing to pay a little more – gaining confidence in the quality of the vehicle and comfort of use in return.

In addition to the higher price compared to buying cars in the commission, you can “pick on” the way the sales offers are presented on the website. Navigating it could be more intuitive, and the cars themselves could be more accurately described. However, you can contact a company representative at any time and ask for details about each copy. Since cars are not bought online in this case, this should not be an undue hindrance.



Did you like this article? Anything you’d like to ask in your comment? Feel free to share your feedback and comment at the bottom of the article. And remember – always before buying a car, motorcycle or even a trailer – check vehicle history and free VIN lookup with autoDNA based on the VIN numberVIN check is one of the most important things to do before deciding to buy a used vehicle. Thanks to this, autoDNA helps you make an informed decision.

Is it worth using the "Ford Used" program?
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Is it worth using the "Ford Used" program?
The Ford Used program allows you to buy used cars conveniently and safely – with little mileage, known history and a technical inspection
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