The “KIA Used Cars” program. Is it worth it?

23 January 2023

Almost all brands have already responded to the current needs of the market by running a used car sales program – KIA has not been left behind either. However, the Korean brand with the KIA Used Cars program approached the topic a little differently, making the use of the factory warranty.


In the last several months, the reality in the automotive world has changed radically. A number of problems related to the breaking of supply chains and the persistent shortage of electronic components have introduced considerable chaos in the world of new cars as well as in the secondary market. Currently, the norm has become a few or even several months of waiting for a new car to be picked up, what’s even worse is that the pick up date may change at the least expected moment. As a result, there was a revolution on the used cars market, especially when it comes to the several years old ones – customers of new cars, instead of waiting, reach for used cars, with low mileage and in excellent technical condition.


What is the “KIA Used Cars” program?

KIA’s key argument in the battle over customers for new cars is its impressive seven-year warranty. KIA also makes use of its warranty under the used car sales program. Unlike other dealership programs, which offer a very wide range of second-hand cars – in terms of age, mileage and brand – KIA Used Cars clearly focuses on a narrow group of customers, only occasionally offering vehicles of other brands – they are included because customers have the opportunity to keep the car in the settlement. Therefore, let’s focus on the strict criteria that must be met by the cars in offer. According to the standard, the available copy cannot be older than four years, while its mileage cannot exceed 120.000 kilometers. As a result, a large part of KIA Used Cars range is made up of one- or two-year units, which, if certain conditions are met, can still be protected for up to 6 years of the factory warranty. Of course, the highest standards of selection of admitted vehicles for sale require a documented service history and inspections recommended by the manufacturer at an authorized KIA service center. Only then can the factory warranty be retained by the next purchaser of the vehicle. The full vehicle history from an authorised service point is another argument in favour of the strength of the program’s offer. Thanks to it, it is possible to access all data on the car warranty repairs as well as other ones done by authorized repairers in the European Union, especially those exceeding the standard.



Following the example of all other dealer programs, KIA also offers services that meet the highest standards of service and competitiveness. Often, the inspection of the vehicle from the secondary market you are interested in takes place even in the car dealership, which clearly facilitates a thorough inspection of the bodywork and interior without worrying about adverse weather conditions – or dirty bodywork hiding various defects. It also raises the prestige of the offer, especially since you can count on the help of a dedicated seller throughout the entire path of choosing a used KIA car. The high standard of service is not only the facade and cars maintained in perfect condition. It is also a number of side services, including a wide range of financing. In the salon, an advisor can help you choose a lease in the case of a company, or a loan for a natural person. In this case, too, the entire procedure for granting a lease or loan takes place in the dealership.

An interesting service for all KIA customers is an internal portal dedicated to KIA car owners. As part of the MyKIA portal, the logged-in user receives various information about upcoming reviews, current promotions on websites as well as special offers intended for portal users. Being present in the small KIA community can sometimes pay off.

Of course, for customers planning to keep their old car in the settlement, KIA Used Cars gives such a possibility – the technical condition of the vehicle must, however, be checked at the seller’s authorised service point. The matter of the repurchase price is determined by each seller individually with the customer.




After purchasing a car via the KIA Used Cars program, within a month or after driving 2.000 kilometers, the customer is entitled to a free check of the vehicle’s condition in the dealer’s authorised service point.


Who is the program addressed to?

As we have already mentioned, the KIA Used Cars program strongly limits the age of KIA cars offered, which is due to the desire to serve its customers with a high-quality product, also in terms of used vehicles. A customer looking for a car for themself as part of the KIA dealer program is accompanied in the car dealership by a dedicated used car dealer, who presents the indicated units along with a test drive (without the purchase obligation). Of course, the customer also receives a detailed history of the indicated car, especially regarding repairs carried out at authorized service points of the Korean brand.

In the KIA Used Cars program, prices are obviously noticeably higher than on the secondary market. The trouble-free use of the remaining factory warranty, verified vehicle history and high quality of service affect this price situation – as is the case in other dealer programs. In return, however, the customer receives a vehicle available right away, immediately ready for normal use with a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 to 6 years. It is the warranty for the coming years that distinguishes KIA’s program on the secondary market, attracting customers looking for the most maintenance-free car possible for years to come. The entire procedure of mechanical inspection, accident and service history before the sale is carried out by KIA dealers. Remember that the condition for fulfilling the warranty is compliance with service inspections at the authorised service points – the data about their performance is stored i.a. in the MyKIA system.


Financing in the program

In the offers of each of the dealer programs, including the KIA Used Cars, the customer has the opportunity to get help from the seller not only in selecting a specific car and checking its technical condition. If necessary, qualified personnel can also present the available financing options for the purchase. The financing offer is divided into individual clients for whom a loan is provided, and corporate –to whom leasing is offered.

As part of the KIA Used Cars, credit is granted by BNP Paribas Bank. Interestingly, the loan terms for cars used for up to 5 years are the same as for new vehicles. After a positive credit check, it is possible to grant a loan for all cars sold by the dealer – not only those covered by the KIA warranty. When spending up to PLN150,000, making your own payment is not required, but the larger the amount you pay at the beginning, the more attractive the installment is. At least 10% of the own contribution is required at the price of the vehicle oscillating between PLN150-250.000 – above this amount, the amount of own capital is at least 20% of the car price.



There are three types of obligation available in the loan offer available to customers of KIA car dealerships. Customers receive a fixed interest rate of 8.39% and an APR of 10.28%.



  • A standard installment loan is the most popular. In this case, the repayment period can range from 6 to even 120 months. The loan is repaid in monthly installments equal to the end of the contract
  • A 50/50 loan granted for 12 months, in which the amount of own payment is set at a minimum of 50% of the car price
  • A 3×33 loan – you make the purchase in three installments, the loan is granted for 24 months with the amount of own contribution at the level of 33.4%

The offer for companies planning to buy a second-hand car in the KIA dealership is equally extensive, divided into two groups of products. The first is a lease loan for business owners with a simplified procedure for verifying the company’s income. Own payment is not required up to PLN100,000 of the car price. From PLN100 to 200,000, the amount of own contribution is at least 10%. The financing period can last maximally 84 months. The vehicle at the end of the repayment period can be up to 20 years – including the duration of the contract.

A separate group consists of leasing products: operating lease, financial lease and VAT margin financial lease. As part of the VAT lease, the customer can finance the purchase of a passenger car and a van for which there is no possibility of deducting VAT – this situation occurs when the previous owner was a natural person who did not put the vehicle on sale with full VAT. In this leasing option, VAT is charged only on the seller’s margin, the total amount is not the basis for charging tax – as a result, the lease itself is significantly cheaper. In Poland own payment is not required up to the purchase amount of PLN120,000. Ranging between PLN120-170.000, the amount of own contribution is at least 10%, while in the case of used cars for over PLN170.000, the amount of own contribution shall not be less than 20%. These values apply to leases lasting 6-60 months. For periods of 61-72 months, the lack of own contribution is allowed up to PLN100,000, for PLN100-150,000 – 10%, and above PLN150,000 – 20%.


How are cars checked in the KIA program?

Drivers searching the secondary market very often find seemingly well-maintained low mileage cars, which, after checking the full history from the autoDNA report, turn out to have an eventful past and impressive mileage. The solution to limit the risk of purchasing dubious quality copies are dealer programs, where each approved copy meets the required technical condition checks. Each brand sets its own criteria and procedures according to which it checks the technical condition of used cars. In KIA, service employees start by checking the documented service history of the car. Compliance with the provisions of the KIA warranty by the previous owner of the car is a condition for the warranty services to be transferred to the next buyer – all maintenance services must be carried out at an authorised service point.

In addition, experienced mechanics carry out technical verification of the vehicle on the basis of 150 control points developed together with DEKRA. The verification includes the thickness of the paint coating, the quality of any bodywork repairs, the technical condition of the vehicle – the braking system, the power unit, the gearbox and the wheels and steering system. One of the basic tests is reading of data through the diagnostic connector in the vehicle.


Which vehicles are available?

The core of the offer in the KIA Used Cars program is, of course, cars of the Korean brand. Their quality is the highest due to the age and maximum mileage criteria, and warranty valid for the next 3-6 years. Age and mileage criteria for brands other than KIA are not respected, these are of course sold without KIA’s warranty. Their sale takes place on the basis of commission rules.



The offer of individual KIA dealers selling used cars also consists of the entire model range of the brand. You can choose from maximally four-year copies, the latest ones are only a few months old and have a symbolic mileage. The offer includes Ceed, XCeed, Venga, Picanto, Stinger, Optima, Sportage and Sorento. Among the youngest units, the dominant source of power is gasoline. A collection of all used KIA cars available in Poland can be found on the official KIA Used Cars website, along with information about the dealership which a given car is currently located in.


Other brands

In the case of cars of other brands, the search is slightly more difficult, customers must check the offer of each dealer separately. Currently, the Opel Insignia compact of the first generation from 2015 is on offer, a copy with 2.0 CDTI diesel and a mileage of 145,000. The third-generation Citroen C3 produced in 2018 with a mileage of less than 70,000 kilometers, powered by a 1.2 gasoline engine.


Used cars from companies – fleet hits of the program

All KIA cars sold in the program are copies which meet the highest standards, regardless of origin. Both private and post-fleet copies are available for sale, in the of case of which the warranty applies on the same terms. With a dedicated used car dealer, the customer is able to quickly check which copies are sold with a full VAT invoice – meaning they have a company origin. Many copies of the compact Ceed, Stinger, Sportage and Rio have a post-fleet past.


Advantages of the “KIA” program

The strict approach of the dealers of the KIA Used Cars program in practice translates into a high quality of overall service and cars available. Among the advantages of the program we can mention:

  • 3-6 years of manufacturer’s warranty, depending on the age of the copy
  • High quality of sales and after-sales service
  • Verified car service history
  • Free inspection a month or 2000 kilometers after purchase
  • Assistance in the choosing an attractive financing form
  • Ability to access service data from the KIA system
  • Possibility to keep the car in the settlement
  • Access to the MyKIA portal for brand customers


Drawbacks of the program

As with any used car sales program run by authorized dealers, there are some flaws.

  • Prices are above market averages
  • Small range of cars from brands other than KIA
  • Lack of common information about available cars other than KIA

Buying a used car, even for which you can still use the remaining factory warranty after the purchase, is a difficult and responsible decision. Indeed, choosing a seller with an impeccable reputation – the dealer program – reduces the risk of buying a faulty copy with a completely different history. Nevertheless, for the safety of your own finances and to save time, it is also worth checking the vehicle history yourself with the help of the autoDNA report.


It is good to know

Did you like this article? Anything you’d like to ask in your comment? Feel free to share your feedback and comment at the bottom of the article. And remember – always before buying a car, motorcycle or even a trailer – check vehicle history and free VIN lookup with autoDNA based on the VIN number. VIN check is one of the most important things to do before deciding to buy a used vehicle. Thanks to this, autoDNA helps you make an informed decision.



The "KIA Used Cars" program. Is it worth it?
Article Name
The "KIA Used Cars" program. Is it worth it?
Almost all brands have already responded to the current needs of the market by running a used car sales program. Read more about KIA Used Cars program.