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New or second-hand? 6 benefits of new and used cars

New or second-hand? 6 benefits of new and used cars

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New or second-hand? 6 benefits of new and used cars

If your budget allows you to choose between buying a second-hand car and a new one, you will surely find it difficult to decide. Listed below, you will find 6 benefits of each to help you make an informed decision.

6 benefits of new cars

1. Manufacturer’s warranty and technical examination

Manufacturers offer warranty on their brand new cars, which gives you peace of mind; in case something breaks down, you will have it repaired at no cost at all. Besides, it is unlikely that a new vehicle will develop a fault during warranty period; compared to a second-hand one, chances are scarce. As warranty requires periodical examination of the car by an authorised service centre, each time you have the car examined, you will be reassured that it’s faultless.

2. Safer driving

As safety requirements are becoming more and more strict, car manufacturers deploy newer and newer means of security, including development of a safer, more durable car body with the use of latest technology. All this to protect your health and well-being. If you buy a new car, you have every reason to expect it to be a safer drive than most of the second-hand ones available. Still, manufacturing date is not the only factor influencing road safety; a lot depends on the options you go for, as new cars are tailored to the needs of the buyer. If safety is your primary concern, do not save on safety-related accessories.

3. Better suits your needs

Purchase of a new car gives you plenty of options to choose from (which, of course, influence the final price). On manufacturer websites you will find whole catalogues or apps that will let you choose what you’d like your car to have in terms of:
– engine,
– body colour,
– wheels,
– safety (e.g. cruise control, additional light options, parking sensor),
– anti-theft accessories (e.g. type of alarm),
– comfort options (e.g. aircon, heated and adjustable seats, additional steering wheel functions or… a bike rack),
– multimedia (e.g. GPS, sound system, speakers),
and much more. There are hundreds of options to choose from, which makes it possible to equip the car to suit all your needs. Second-hand cars hardly ever offer any such options.

4. Latest technology

The cockpit of a brand new car resembles that of a spacecraft; all these lights, sophisticated controls and state-of-the-art support systems can make each drive incredibly fun. Beside assisting you while driving, they also make you proud that you can afford immersing yourself in hi-tech solutions.

5. Cheaper driving

A new car doesn’t only cot you less (or nothing) in terms of repairs and service, it is also very likely to be more economical than a second-hand one. Many Polish dealers allow you to opt for LPG as effective as 7 l/100 km, which does matter if you drive a lot. Apart from LPG, which makes you save most, there are, of course, relatively economical Diesel and petrol engines whose consumption still won’t cause a headache.

6. Prestige and elegance

Certain people simply cannot afford driving a second-hand car. If your position requires great attention to the visual side of your business, your car must look new – as simple as that. Fortunes are spent on design to ensure that newer vehicles make a better impression than older ones; after all, many buyers consider the visual side just as important as the price.

New or second-hand? 6 benefits of new and used cars

New or second-hand? 6 benefits of new and used cars

6 benefits of second-hand cars

1. Cheaper price

A new car can lose up to 40% of its value during the first year of driving; as a result, you will not find it difficult to buy a 2-year-old drive at 50-60% of its initial value. You can buy a car that is almost as good as new, with many benefits of a new one, at a very reasonable price.

2. More for less?

If you can afford to spend a couple dozen thousands PLN, you will have a choice between a new, smaller car, or a bigger and better equipped second-hand one. For some, the choice is obvious: they will opt for a better, more prestigious, or just more spacious car even though it is not brand new.

3. More options despite limited budget

Prices of new cars start at a couple dozen thousands PLN. Not every potential driver can afford this much, and not everyone wants, or is able to opt for a car loan or lease, either. There will, however, be plenty of second-hand cars to choose from, starting at as little as just a couple thousand, and perfectly usable until you decide to change for another one. For those who do not earn above average, a second-hand car is not an option but a necessity.

4. Tested in real-life conditions

Not every idea of car designers works in practice; some solutions may be great in Spain but will fail miserably in the harsh conditions of Polish winter. History of car manufacturing is filled with the less fortunate technical solutions – or models. Professional magazines and internet forums can make you realize that there are cars whose lights work perfect when lit separately but try and light them all in one go – if you succeed, you can consider yourself lucky. And this is just an example. A new car will not be there on the internet; you will have to believe the manufacturer that it’s faultless. On the contrary, a second-hand car has already had its chance be driven and assessed by at least one driver. The very fact that it’s not new gives you the advantage of knowing that whatever fault is can develop, it must have been discovered by internet users or professional press as well.

5. Cheaper insurance

Insurance is usually cheaper in case of second-hand cars compared to new ones, which can hardly be considered surprising. The cost of bringing the car back to its original condition differs between the two, as an older car will not be equipped with latest technical solutions that are worth a fortune. The insurer risks as much money as the repairs might potentially cost, and the greater the risk, the higher the price of insurance.

6. Cheaper repairs

New cars are far less likely to develop a fault but if they do, its removal may cost a lot. On the one hand, a vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art technology is not only expensive to repair but it also requires a skilled professional to do the job. A second-hand car, on the other hand, is simpler in terms of technology, has parts that should be available on the market, and has probably been handled by most of the mechanics you may encounter, which makes it less likely to cause trouble. As a result, even though you may need to repair it more often than if you bought a new one, the costs will be more bearable.

Regardless of your preferences and the decision you will finally make, it is worth considering both the options. Especially with the budget of at least a couple dozen thousand PLN, you will be spoilt for choice.

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