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Should road signs be identical in the whole EU?

Added 8 November 2016 by

Identical road signs

The European Union is working at unifying as many aspects of member countries’ laws as possible to facilitate cooperation between them. Traffic regulations are not an exception here; it has recently been proposed that identical road signs be implemented in the whole EU. Let us discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this proposal here.

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Driving safety – what equipment to look for when purchasing a car

Added 3 November 2016 by

Safety is one of the most important features to look for when deciding what car to buy. Since safety depends on a number of factors, it is not possible to rate them as “safe” or “unsafe” in general. To make an informed decision, all the factors must be considered; this guide will help you look out for the right information.

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Modern technologies that every driver loves

Added 27 October 2016 by

modern technologies for drivers

The use of modern technologies in the automotive industry substantially increases driving safety and comfort; in a dozen or so years cars will most likely not require a driver at all. Nevertheless, until autonomous vehicles have turned us into passengers only, we can still enjoy the benefits of using the most advanced technologies available in the market to make our driving an easy and pleasant experience.

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Hybrid vs. LPG

Added 24 October 2016 by

hybrid vs lpg

A statistical driver who needs an economical car will most likely be choosing between 2 types of fuel: petrol fitted with LPG, or diesel. What they tend to overlook is that, in the last few years, there has been more and more of the third – hybrid – alternative in the second-hand market. Do hybrid vehicles offer any substantial savings, though?

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Having a car

Top 10 apps for drivers

Added 18 October 2016 by

What we drive today is far closer to a computer than a traditional car. With a rapidly growing number of automatised features that used to be available in premium class only but have now become common, a sat nav, drive computer or parking assist can now be found even in the more popular models.

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