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The most reliable car brands

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reliable car brands

The most reliable car brands – an overview of rankings

After the Volkswagen scandal there is no doubt that its reputation has been sallied. Even though the German car manufacturer is trying to make up for the scandal by paying its customers some kind of damages, many of them have stopped associating Volkswagen with quality.

Are there any brands that have managed to maintain constant quality, safety and trustworthiness? We will try to determine this with the use of Consumer Reports, J.D. Power and TUV reliability rankings.

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Merry Christmas!

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With occasion of upcoming Christmas

autoDNA service wish You

much merry and warm moments,

relaxation and well-being in

private and professional life

New Year let be chance for new plans and challenges realization

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

autoDNA Team


4 future automotive trends according to Tesla

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Tesla P90D

Tesla, the manufacturer of electric vehicles, has recently shown a great increase in development. It has not been long since it introduced a completely new model – an electric SUV called “X” with its characteristic top-hinged gull wing doors. While Tesla vehicles are not too popular in Europe, in the US they are a serious competitor to such giants of the premium class as Mercedes, Lexus, or BMW.

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Autopilot driving – smoother, safer and infinitely more relaxing

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autopilot cars

According to automotive media, we are getting close to the era of autonomous cars. At the same time, less and less is heard about the novelty we will soon be able to enjoy, i.e. autopilot cars. In a way, this solution will make the transition from driver-controlled to autonomous driving much smoother.

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