What do the indicators on the meters mean? Which of them are most important?

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Dashboards of modern cars (at least some of them) are reminiscent of aircraft cockpits. Full of all types of indicators, switches and other elements that are there to inform the driver about the vehicle’s condition and provide them with comfortable driving. What exactly do the aforementioned indicators mean and which of them should never ever be ignored?

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Opel Certified Used Cars || Audi Select plus

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A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new autodna.com cycle, part 7

Opel is one of the most popular car brands in Poland. Audi may not be as common but the Polish drivers really like the A4 and A6. Say, you want to buy a second hand Insignia for 170 k PLN or a pre-owned Audi that has extended warranty; how would you look for the best deal? Find the answers in our dedicated post.

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