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Using car battery in summer

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car battery in summer

Few drivers remember about their car battery in summer; they only remember they have one at all when the car refuses to start on a cold winter morning. Some of the more thoughtful drivers try and prevent this by preparing the car for winter in late autumn; these will check the installation and battery to make sure there are no surprises when it gets chilly. Still, there really aren’t many drivers who remember that battery needs to be maintained in summer as well.

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Buying a Car?

How to recognize cars that have been salvaged or clocked 13 tips for the buyer

Added 4 April 2017 by

salvaged cars

How to recognize cars that have been salvaged or clocked

If you’re looking for a new car, it’s obvious you would like it to be good and cheap at the same time. Unfortunately, these expectations make you easy to fool. You may expect high quality and not agree to pay the adequate price but by doing so, you risk falling victim to those who will pretend to provide both.

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Car battery – which one is the best for you?

Added 22 March 2017 by

Car battery

Car battery is one of the key elements of your car, not only when the temperature drops below zero. Unfortunately, it also has a much shorter life expectancy than other car parts, which makes it necessary for you to replace it every few years. How do you choose a good car battery, then?
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