What sports cars should you buy?

16 August 2022

Sports cars are destined for people who seek for a bit of excitement and adrenaline while driving. A dynamic ride on a public road? Why not, a sports car might not be suited for everyday work commuting or city rides, but then again – it’s not what it’s purchased for. What sports cars should you buy? Take a look at the review of sports cars available on the second-hand cars market.


What’s the EURO 6 standard?

1 August 2022

EURO 6 – the latest emission standard – reduced the limits for the amount of nitrogen oxides emitted by cars with the diesel engines. The permitted average level of CO2 emission for particular vehicle manufacturers was also reduced, but most importantly, they manner of measuring the emission was changed.


What should you know about the EURO 4 emission standard?

18 July 2022

There are more and more cars, and as the result, more and more emitted pollution – it’s impact on the environment could not be left unnoticed. Therefore, already during the 80s of the 20th century, the so-called R49 regulation was introduced, and since the beginning of the 90s the EURO standards have been applied in the European Union and EEA. Learn more about the Euro 4 standard.


New autoDNA Vehicle History Report

1 July 2022

Starting from 1st July 2022, the autoDNA Vehicle History Report is going to offer additional values for our customers. To meet the world trends, the purchase process on the website has been simplified, becoming easier and more intuitive. The changes aim at offering the customers new benefits, which were inspired by modern solutions introduced and applied on the world markets.