The car warranty. Extending the car’s factory warranty

10 January 2022

Individual components of a car are subject to natural wear and tear. However, there are faults not caused by the passage of time but rather material and factory defects. In such situations, drivers carefully check the warranty terms and conditions and look for ways to save on repairs. But if your car’s guarantee is about to lapse, it’s worth looking into extending the factory car warranty.


How to travel with a dog and other pets?

26 October 2021

How to travel with a dog and other pets? This question is asked by many owners of four-legged pets. As long as you ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, driver and passengers, travelling can become a true pleasure. Find out how to transport your dog in the car, what you need to bear in mind and which accessories will facilitate your task. 


How is the vehicle registration of an English car handled in Poland?

18 October 2021

Vehicle registration of an English car in Poland may differ from that of a vehicle bought in the country. Importing a car is a prevalent practise that many people choose. Some import cars from neighbouring countries, while others choose cars from more distant states, for example, the United Kingdom. How to buy such a vehicle?


A used car dealership. Is it worth buying a car there?

4 October 2021

The used car market is pervasive. You can find cars at almost any price – from a few to even several hundred thousand zlotys, it all depends on your needs and financial possibilities. But how to be sure that a second-hand car is worth its price? Well, the solution may be to buy a car from a used car dealership. Is it worth it?