Buying a Car?

How to recognize cars that have been salvaged or clocked 13 tips for the buyer

Added 4 April 2017 by

salvaged cars

How to recognize cars that have been salvaged or clocked

If you’re looking for a new car, it’s obvious you would like it to be good and cheap at the same time. Unfortunately, these expectations make you easy to fool. You may expect high quality and not agree to pay the adequate price but by doing so, you risk falling victim to those who will pretend to provide both.

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How to have safe skiing holiday

Added 13 March 2017 by

safe skiing holiday

A safe holiday is a result of a number of factors; you can influence a majority of them but you also need to be sure you don’t try to do everything last minute. If you want to go skiing, start preparing yourself at least a few weeks in advance; you will surely appreciate the difference.

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Animals on the road and how to avoid collision

Added 28 February 2017 by

Animals on the road

According to statistics, approximately 200 road accidents every year are caused by animals which appear on the road. In fact, wild animals can be a more common cause of collisions. A number of accidents whose description reads “reason unknown” may result from drivers trying to avoid driving into an animal. If you are driving too fast, you may crash into a tree or another car instead, or drive into a ditch.

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