ATTENTION, new service actions in reports

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Every byuer of a second-hand car knows how important it is to check vehicle history for accidents, mileage and appearance in police databases but did you know that you should also find out as much as you can about the service history? After all, if it turns out the manufacturer was carrying out large-scale service actions in the last few years, it is worth making sure the previous owner took proper care to remove the manufacturing defects.

Service actions may involve different parts of the car, such as lights, air bags, pedals or electrical components. While some defects are serious enough to pose a serious threat to the safety of the driver and other road users (these must be removed), others are simply irritating.
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Car loan: the procedure, cost and options

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Car loans are a widely popular means of financing the purchase of vehicles as they are available both for individuals and companies, and can help you buy either a new or second-hand car. You could almost say it is an ideal option for everyone… Almost. This is because loans, regardless of their type, are far easier to take out than pay off. Before you decide to take one, make sure you are well prepared for it. Read more

Buying a Car?

How to buy a car from France

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French cars are becoming increasingly popular. Once you’ve driven one for a year or two, it often turns out they are far less faulty than the popular opinion has it. It all depends on the model – as with any other car manufacturing country. Polish people are beginning to realize this, which makes France a new country to important a second-hand car from.

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