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autoDNA service is one of the largest sites in Europe and World Wide, offering vehicle history reports and other vehicle VIN checks online. autoDNA vehicle history reports provide information about used cars and their history. Service offers own car history reports as well as the world's largest providers of vehicle history information from automotive industry. Thanks to our reports many customers are protected from buying used car with unknown history.

autoDNA is one of the largest used cars database World Wide. Simple working method and constant availability of the website and services allow to use platform on many new tools, devices and systems. In order to use our tools only VIN number is needed. After you enter VIN number you recieve information about available vehicle history reports and other services.

autoDNA offers search milions of records about used vehicles and cars. All information are presented in a simple way and understandable for everyone in vehicle history report. We know that our customers expect comprehensive information. Constantly and systematically we update our database and obtain next partners for cooperation to be able to satisfy our Customers.

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autoDNA sp. z o.o.

ul. Obywatelska 128/152 94-104 Łódź

KRS: 0000349742; NIP: 5492391545; REGON: 121164104

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