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The autoDNA Report for Estonian vehicles will be of great help for anyone who wishes to purchase a second-hand vehicle from this country. Our report is created based on comprehensive, trustworthy and verifiable data we take from the Estonian Road Administration.

Initial information

The autoDNA Report for Estonian vehicles begins with the identification of the brand of the vehicle you are checking, including the model and its version.

Vehicle status

The Vehicle status section is divided into five parts: Registration data, registration proceedings, Vehicle modifications, Vehicle uses, Official comments

Registration data includes the registration status together with the date of the first registration, the first registration in Estonia and expiry date of the periodic inspection. It will also tell you how many owners the car had while in Estonia, if it has any legal limitations and where it was delivered to.

Registration proceedings are a set of actions taken by the Estonian public administration in order to register the car. This section will tell you if the third registration plate, duplicate of the registration card, or a decision to unregister in order to dismantle was issued for the vehicle you are checking.

Vehicle modifications include a list of changes and modifications which have been introduced and may have affected the actual value of the vehicle. This section will inform you of the installation of a replacement engine, LPG, or reduction of seat number, among other things.

Vehicle use will show you how the car has been used in Estonia so far. Remember: the way the vehicle is used (e.g. as a taxi, ambulance, or an ADR, which is a vehicle used to transport dangerous substances) may affect its overall condition and, as a result, significantly lower its value.

Official comments are notes and notifications regarding the vehicle you are checking which have been added by the Estonian Road Administration.

Vehicle information

This section of the report includes comprehensive information regarding the vehicle and its manufacturer. It will show you the body type and colour, vehicle category and version, type of fuel, gearbox, and more.

Vehicle history

The “Vehicle history” section is divided into three parts: Technical examination, administrative proceedings and loan / lien status.

Technical examination is the section which will provide you with all the information regarding the vehicle’s technical checks. The examinations are provided with the date they were carried out, registered mileage and detailed decisions provided as a result of the examination. Additionally, if any faults were discovered, they will be described in this section.

Administrative proceedings is the section where you will find out about administrative and official changes made by the Estonian Road Administration.

Loan / Lien status is the section which will advise you of possible pledges and other limitations affecting the use of the vehicle.

Additional information

This section includes information regarding the type approval of the vehicle. It will advise you of the type approval number and extension and vehicle class as well as the type approved speed limiter.

Technical data

This section includes all detailed technical parameters related with engine, weights, dimensions, seat numbers and vehicle axles.

Average fuel consumption and CO2 emission standard

The last section of the report will show you the average fuel consumption as declared by the manufacturer in the urban, extra urban and mixed driving cycle. It will also show you the CO2 emission class presented as a figure and graph.

Customer Reviews about the report

Very detailed report, lots of technical data. It even includes results of technical inspections and detected malfunctions. The report is definitely worth buying.
I am glad that you purchased the report, the technical data confirms the actual condition of the car. It is strongly recommended.
The report I received is very detailed. It contains a lot of technical elements and archival photographs. I learned that the car I was considering was flooded in Estonia.
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