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autoDNA history reports for cars from Belgium is an indispensable help for all who plan the purchase of a used vehicle from that country. Vehicle history for Belgium cars is in the form of reports which are created based on the data from central evidence of vehicles. Central evidence processes information from many reliable source from several years:

  • Department of communications
  • Police Departments
  • Importers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Automotive experts

Initial information

After checking the VIN number of the vehicle from Belgium, we get a vehicle history report, which in the header (summary) contains basic information identifying the vehicle.

Vehicle status

In this section of report you can find information concerning status of the vehicle. Status are granted by mandated institutions in Belgium and gathered in Central Evidence of Vehicles.

administrative status of the vehicle: here you can find information about the potential import of vehicle into Belgium or export vehicle from the area of Belgium.

the status of the vehicle legality: information about the stolen vehicle or legal origin (status with the value "Normal"). 

vehicle status: this is information about destruction, restoration, vehicle after -accident, or vehicle without homologation. 
In this section you will also find: production date of the vehicle, date of first registration of the vehicle n Belgium, expiry date of inspection, information about chassis, manufacturer code, as well as information on the completeness of the vehicle.


1What is the diffrence between incomplete, complete and completed vehicle?


Incomplete vehicleis a vehicle that in order to achieve the assumed functional characteristics and meet the necessary requirements should go at least one more stage of completion. Incomplete vehicle is not registered (eg. A truck chassis).

Complete vehicle is a vehicle that does not require completion in order to meet certain technical requirements. In such a vehicle you can make construction changes, which are subject to assessment approval (eg. Installation of an additional row of seats in a vehicle body type "van").

Completed vehicle is a vehicle after modification - alteration, resulting from a multi-stage type-approval, which meets certain requirements (eg. Building of box body on the chassis of a truck).

Basic Information

This section contains basic information about the vehicle: make, model, model code, variant of the vehicle, fuel type, body type (according to the central register of vehicles in Belgium), category of the vehicle.

Vehicle history

Vehicle history section consists of two parts: mileage verification for Belgian vehicles and information about mileage

Mileage verification allows you to compare the current mileage of the vehicle with the mileage registered in the available sources. You can verify the mileage to make sure the odometer is not clocked.

The result of verification is presented on the report. There are three possible verification results:

  • Mileage reliable, when the mileage is higher than that registered in the available sources.
  • Not confirmed, when the result of the verification did not allow to confirm the reliability of mileage. This may happen when there is not enough information available to verify the mileage.
  • Mileage unreliable, when the mileage is lower than that registered in the available sources.

Information about mileage - this part contains an expiration date of technical inspection, odometer reading recorded during last technical inspection, mileage recorded during the penultimate inspection.

Additional Information

This Section contains few additional information: homologation number, Belgian number certificate of conformity (PVA/PVG), information about European emission standards.

Technical Data

In this section of the report you will find detailed technical data: number od seats, weight, dimensions, capacity, maximum speed and maximum power of the vehicle, information about the type of suspension used in the vehicle.

Emission of pollution

The section of emission inform about emission tests for given vehicle, we will find here tests in driving conditions, carbon dioxide emission and emission of hydrocarbons and many other useful emission results. These results allow to conclude whether a vehicle can be sold in the European Union and allow you to determine if the vehicle should be roadworthy.

Fuel consumption and CO2emissions class

Section allows you to to know the average fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer in the urban cycle, the extra-urban cycle and the combined cycle. We can find the information concerning the class of CO2emissions. This value is presented in numerical and graphical form.

Customer Reviews about the report

Unfortunately, the report is not very informative. There are a large number of photos, but they are repeated 3 times.
The autoDNA report was very helpful to me when buying a "new" car. Thanks to it, I didn't lose 25,000 euros.
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