autoDNA Vehicle History Report for French vehicles

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How to check vehicles from France

autoDNA history report for cars from France is an indispensable help for all who plan the purchase of a used vehicle from that country. History vehicle for French cars is in the form of reports which are created based on the data from central evidence of vehicles. The data provided to the system by a number of credible and reliable operators:

  • Department of coummunications
  • Authorized diagnostic stations (fr. centre agrée de contrôle technique)
  • Importers
  • Insurance companies
  • Lease companies
  • Automotive experts

Summary Report

After vehicle check, we receive report, whcich has in summary basic information identifying the vehicle: VIN, make, model version additionally includes two key figures: year of first registration of a vehicle in France, and the age of the vehicle.

Vehicle Status

This part of the report includes relevant information about status of vehicle, which appeard in French Department of Transport.

Indicated sections provides registration dates as: first registartion date in France, and date of issuance of the registration document means last entry in department of registration..

Valuable information concerning checked vehicle is also category of the car: passenger /commercial car etc. and the type of body Sedan/Coupe/Wagon.

Section also includes the the holder of of the registration certificate (vehicle owner) as the legal entity: An individual / entity economy and the presence of plates who will be needed for any vehicle registration in another EU country

General information

In this part of the report you will find basic information about the vehicle registration certificate DMV in France: make, model, version of the model, number of doors, vehicle category, type, fuel type, color, and type of propulsion.

Additional information

This section contains additional information, but so important from the point of view of the buyer - information about the registration number allows you to verify the accuracy of the registration number. We can find dealer price of the vehicle in the EUR and the class of vehicle tax, which is used to calculate the ecological tax.

Technical Data

In this section of the report will find detailed technical data: detail of the engine, engine code, displacement, vehicle weight, vehicle dimensions, information on the drive and transmission, wheelbase and tire size recommended for the vehicle in accordance with the approval.

Vehicle History

Section Vehicle History consists of three elements: damages history,vehicle use and ownership history.

In damages history subsection there is information if vehicle has been recorded as damaged. Verification can return two possible results:

Positive result: No problems recorded
Description: Vehicle is not recorded as damaged in supplier's database

Negative result: Problem recorded
Description: Vehicle is recorded as damaged in supplier's database

Vehicle use specified how vehicle has been used by previous owners, variable allow you to specify aim/condition and intensity of usage. Vehicle used as a Demo/replace vehicle, Taxi/passenger transport, medical vehicle, Lease/rental, government use: Police, Fire Service.

You will find significant information in the ownership history, this the amount of previous owners in France, one/several which largely affects the history of checked vehicle.

Fuel Consumption and CO2 emission class

Section allows you to explore average fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer: fuel consumption in the urban cycle, combined cycle and cycle out of town.
We find here also information concerning the CO2 Emission Class this value is presented in the form of a numerical and graphical.

Customer Reviews about the report

Excelent and with pictures. Saved me from buying a used car with fake milage.
- KA
It turned out that my VIN is not in the database, they gave me the money back without a problem!
- Jenny
My wife convinced me to buy the report – I wouldn't go myself for checking VIN, but she always has to male sure that nobody cheats on her when it comes to money. And it all ended well as without my wife I would have bought a car that had three owners instead of one and at least twice the mileage of 70 thousand kilometres. I checked every other car that I was interested in. It might be a substantial cost but it pays off. Thanks to autoDNA reports I came across my current Citroen car, for which I am very pleased. Nice interior, low mileage, two owners (I can live with that) and no accidents in its history.
- Brad
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