What is VIN check?

VIN check is a process of verifying a VIN number before buying a second-hand car.

The VIN number is used to identify it. The number is assigned by the manufacturer of the vehicle, and it identifies its brand, model, production year, as well as its vehicle history and other technical data. It is used for all kinds of vehicles.

When browsing sale offers, VIN check

Already during browsing purchase and sale offers, it's good to initialise the process of checking VIN of the vehicle you're interested in. VIN checking in the offer or directly asking the seller is free.

It's good to ask the seller to verify the VIN provided in the sale offer to avoid scam. Dishonest sellers from the gray market might not provide VIN in order to conceal the vehicle being a salvage*.

The VIN which is included in the purchase and sale offer of the vehicle increases the value of such offer and it proves high quality of the advertise service on which the offer was found.

*The autoDNA research confirms that such situations happen in 20% of the cases, when the buyers had difficulties obtaining VIN from the sellers. It's a blatant attempt to conceal the vehicle history. Over 10% of drivers have been in a situation in which the seller had provided an incorrect or false VIN number in the sale offer. Read more about it in the “Second hand car purchase roulette is over” publication. "Second hand car purchase roulette is over"

A man checking VIN in front of the computer
Where to VIN check number?

You can VIN check online (by means of e-services) using the governmental administration or commercial reports.

autoDNA VIN Report

VIN check for free

At the autoDNA you can VIN check and check the range of information available for a particular VIN number. You can also check for free which sections of the Vehicle History Report contain information and photos. We also offer free information about the report availability, i.e. confirmation the information concerning the country of origin of a particular car.

autoDNA Vehicle History Report

The Vehicle History Reports constitute the most complete source of information information about over 500 million of used vehicles in Europe and worldwide. Every report might contain lots of valuable information about a used car and its history, and the databases used store billions of records.

Checking the VIN at autoDNA gives you access to information gathered from many reliable sources. The data in the autoDNA reports originates from over 20 European countries, as well as the US and Canada, from more than 50.000 different institutions providing services in the sector or for the automotive sector.

The autoDNA service is available 24/7 from any place in the world, via your computer, tablet and smartphone. The only thing you need to check the vehicle history is the VIN number.

State administration

The data, which comes from the agency's National Motor Vehicle Title Information System are used in our autoDNA Vehicle History Report for U.S. vehicles in the local language (Polish).

Always VIN check when...
Verify VIN when buying
Verify VIN when selling
Verify VIN when registering
Verify VIN when insuring

Always verify the VIN number before buying a vehicle to avoid risks and danger such as:

The autoDNA reports contain only verified and highest-quality data, thanks to which you can avoid making a mistake.

Remember - it's always good time to check the past of your car. If you didn't check the VIN during the purchase and sale transaction of your car, do it now to check the vehicle history.

If you're still in doubt – don't hesitate and contact us. The autoDNA team is at your disposal to help you learn more about the vehicle you're interested in.

How long does it take to check a car by the VIN number?

How long does checking VIN take?

You can check a car by its VIN number within a few minutes maximally. All you need to do is enter the 17-character VIN number on the autoDNA website.

In the first stage – VIN lookup for free, you receive the result of the information availability check concerning a particular VIN number.

In the next stage you can decide whether you wish to purchase the autoDNA report(s). You can pay via an e-transfer, a payment card, PayPal, or a Voucher.

As part of the promotional campaign, we also offer discount codes which entered into a special window in the cart page, reduce the amount to pay. Look for them on our blog or our Facebook page.

Checking a car by the VIN number – why is it worth it?

Checking the VIN is an inherent part of the transparent vehicle purchase and sale process. Checking the VIN improves the market efficiency, the quality of products, and increases the prices of good products.

Checking VIN – distinguishing an offer among others
Distinguishing an offer from many similar ones

If in a purchase and sale transaction a report is included, the customer is more likely to purchase, even if the price of the vehicle is higher – the other party perceives such offer as more credible.

Checking VIN – saving your time

A report allows preliminarily separate the good cars from the one with hidden faults, the so-called “lemon cars”. So, you don't have to drive and inspect many cars yourself and waste your time.

Checking VIN – protection against a bad purchase
Protection against a bad purchase

Investing in the autoDNA report pays back with even a few hundred zloty profit, as it protects you from buying a car which might be e.g. after a total loss and require enormous amounts of money for repairs.

Buy a report to avoid the so-called Lemon Car
Find out what a

"lemon car"


Click to watch

What is a Lemon Car – video from autoDNA
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What is VIN number?

It's a 17-character sequence which identifies a particular vehicle and it's unique for each vehicle. VIN is a vehicle code, similar to what DNA is for humans. The number is assigned by the manufacturer of the vehicle, and it identifies its brand, model, production year, as well as its vehicle history and other technical data. It is used for all kinds of vehicles. The VIN vehicle marking system is compliant with the international ISO 3779-1983 standard and it has functioned since the 1980s.

Checking a car by the VIN number – how to do it?

You can verify a vehicle by the VIN number via the governmental database or using the database containing billions of records in the autoDNA service.

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Is it possible to VIN check for free?

There are public information databases of governmental administration in which you can verify a VIN number for free. However, this way you can receive only basic information which might not be enough to make an informed decision to buy a particular car.

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Read more about VIN – button

What is the VIN number? Where to find it? What information does it contain? Read more on the page.

VIN number
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