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For over 70 years EurotaxGlass’s is an independent market observer. While monitoring, collecting and analyzing data is a source of information for the automotive industry. Data is disclosed and delivered to all market in the printed and electronic form. Data for vehicle and car valuation supplied by Eurotax are the standard for used cars in Europe. Wide range of services and solutions are delivered to insurance market, motor experts, financial institutions, automotive garages, dealers and others. Information supports making correct decisions in almost every automotive topic.

If you plan to buy or sell used car check obligatory current vehicle value in order to make a right and rational decision about the transaction price.
Certified autoDNA vehicle valuation by EurotaxGlas is a simple and convenient way to check and verify actual car price/vehicle value.

Report summary

In the header of the market vehicle valuation are he most important parameters based on which vehicle valuation is made: make, model, production year, date of first registration and current odometer reading.

Vehicle information

In this section there is important information concerning vehicle for which market valuation is made. Recieved information determines make, model and version that have been choosen by the user as input parameters for the car valuation. Other data contains basic vehicle parameters like production period, chassis type, power, fuel type, engine capacity, etc.


In this section there is a final market vehicle value estimated and additional vehicle value calculated based on correction elements given by the user before vehicle valuation.

Additional criteria for valuation

In this section there are additional parameters which have effect on vehicle valuation and final car market value. All parameters are entered as input values before valuation: condition of the car, number of owners, production year, additional equipment.

Standard equipment

Recieved standard equipment corresponds to the brand, make and version selected by the user before car valuation is made. All data comes from EurotaxGlass's database.

Dealer equipment / additional

Recieved equipment corresponds to additional dealer's equipment for the selected make, model, and version of the vehicle that are selected by the user before car valuation is made.

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