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How to check a car from the Netherlands?

autoDNA Report for vehicles from the Netherlands will be of great help for anyone who wishes to purchase a second-hand vehicle from this country. It allows you to check the vehicle history and verify its current mileage. Our reports for Dutch vehicles are made on the basis of data we obtain from the Netherlands national mileage registry Nationale Auto Pas (NAP) and the Netherlands central vehicle registry RDW. These organisations collect and administer data regarding second-hand vehicles.

Our reports allow you to verify the mileage using the VIN number free or charge; we are able to do this thanks to the Dutch national mileage register (Nationale Auto Pas). The NAP was established to prevent odometer rollbacks in second-hand vehicles. It has been a few years since the NAP started collecting mileage history from a number of reliable, verified sources:

  • Dealers
  • Car mechanics
  • The Ministry of Road Transport
  • Leasing companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Diagnostic stations
  • Importers

Vehicle history report for vehicles imported from the Netherlands

The summary of the report contains basic information that helps you identify the vehicle: its VIN number, make and model. The summary also contains two very important variables that have great influence on the rating the vehicle receives: the year in which the vehicle was first registered and the number of owners it had while in the Netherlands.

Vehicle status

This part of the report includes relevant information about status of verfied vehicle. Registration status indicates whether the car has been formally deregistered from Netherlands.

In this section there are important dates concerning registration formalities: dates of first registrations and expiration date of last vehicle inspection..

Information about insurance liability indicates whether the car has a valid mandatory insurance. Legal status of the vehicle means possible legal lien on the vehicle established by the bank or other financial institution as a result of taking by owners the load or credit.

Important information is whether the car has been classified for the mandatory inspection after damage. This happens usually after serious accident or collision when the mandatory inspection is required after the vehicle is repaired. Based on this information accident vehicle history can be evaluated.

General information

In this section of the report you can find general and basic information about vehicle from registration document from dutch Ministry of Transport (RDW): make, model, number of doors, type of the vehicle, fuel type, info about LPG installation, chassis colour, number of wheels and equipment version.

Additional information

In this section there is information about number of seats, number of version, catalogue price of new vehicle and amount of VAT tax.

Vehicle history

Vehicle history section consist of following parts: ownership history, vehicle use, it's origin and mileage status verified with National Mileage Registry (NAP). In vehicle ownership history there is detailed information about previous car owners on the Netherlands territory, period of vehicle ownership by each of them and type of the owner (individual, company, leasing).

Section of the report vehicle use presents information whether the car has been registered as taxi or has been qualified for dismantling after serious damage and simultaneously no possibility to restore it for the road traffic.

In the car origin section there is information about parallel import to Holland and possible eksport from Holland territory.

Mileage verification in National Mileage Registry Nationale Auto Pas

In the part of mileage verification in the National Mileage Registry there is current odometer reading entered by the user verified with the national registry. The result of verification is presented on the report. There are three possible verification results:

  • Reliable, when mileage is authentic. Current odometer reading is higher then last odometer reading from NAP registry.
  • Unbelievable, when mileage is falsified and rolled back. Current odometer reading is lower then last odometer reading from NAP registry.
  • Do not reported to NAP Program, when National Mileage Registry does not have information about mileage records for the car.

Technical data

In this part of the report there is detailed description of technical vehicle parameters, engine capacity, number of cylinders, fuel emission standard, vehicle weight, dimensions, information about manufacturer, homologation number and limits of the mass for towed trailers.

Customer Reviews about the report

Thank you autoDna! If it weren't for you, I would have both a flood-damaged car from Belgium – or that Dutch one which already had 3 owners and had been a rental car before. To think they were meant to be so great!
- Tic-06
I saw a lot of positive opinions here and I would like to add one from myself. I got my eyes on a nice BMW on of online car classifieds services. I was excited about the car as the seller was a private person and not some sort of a professional trader. Users on internet forums suggested to check VIN. From free online search I got nothing. But since autoDNA report did not cost much I bought it. Eventually it saved me a lot of money as I saw how the BMW looked like before being auctioneed and I found another BMW.
- LastChance
Iking for a long time about importing a car from abroad but everybody knows how much trouble this can cause. Thanks to autoDNA I had at least one issue covered. VIN was enough to obtain a repord packed with vital information about a car located thousands of kilometres away from my home. Everything concise and for a reasonable price too, so I can strongly recommend it was thin.
- MP
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