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Reviews of VIN reports

We encourage You to opinion adding on the subject of purchased reports. Your added opinion, will help others customers in making decision about defined reports selection and our consultants will use it to improvement and advancement our services. We thank for expended time in advance and we invite again.
Selected reviews
- BooCrap
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Belgium
Your rating: 5/5
Guys, you're great...I almost paid already...had the examination booked in ASC before buying but I thought why not check online, can do it at home...Bought the report and there it is; a long leasing history, many body repairs and a clocked odometer! It had more km last year than today. Thank you guys, IT WAS WORTH IT.
- Brad
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
Your rating: 4/5
My wife convinced me to buy the report – I wouldn't go myself for checking VIN, but she always has to male sure that nobody cheats on her when it comes to money. And it all ended well as without my wife I would have bought a car that had three owners instead of one and at least twice the mileage of 70 thousand kilometres. I checked every other car that I was interested in. It might be a substantial cost but it pays off. Thanks to autoDNA reports I came across my current Citroen car, for which I am very pleased. Nice interior, low mileage, two owners (I can live with that) and no accidents in its history.
- Robert Valenta
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Belgium
Your rating: 5/5
Comfortable service, complete report, quick response, user's friendly
Average ratings
Report type:
Average rating
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
(average rating (79 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from the Netherlands
(average rating (10 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from France
(average rating (15 opinions))
AutoCheck Report
(average rating (9 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Belgium
(average rating (16 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Estonia
(average rating (4 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from USA
(average rating (3 opinions))
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