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Reviews of VIN reports

We encourage You to opinion adding on the subject of purchased reports. Your added opinion, will help others customers in making decision about defined reports selection and our consultants will use it to improvement and advancement our services. We thank for expended time in advance and we invite again.
Selected reviews
- David
AutoCheck Report
Your rating: 4/5
The car was brought as if from Germany, and in the report it turned out that it was registered in the US. Small amount of information, but useful.
- LastChance
autoDNA Report for vehicles from the Netherlands
Your rating: 4/5
I saw a lot of positive opinions here and I would like to add one from myself. I got my eyes on a nice BMW on of online car classifieds services. I was excited about the car as the seller was a private person and not some sort of a professional trader. Users on internet forums suggested to check VIN. From free online search I got nothing. But since autoDNA report did not cost much I bought it. Eventually it saved me a lot of money as I saw how the BMW looked like before being auctioneed and I found another BMW.
- ThMor
AutoCheck Report
Your rating: 4/5
I was looking for a car for a couple of weeks and found 3 alltogether, including two located hundreds of kilometres away from my home. Fortunately thanks to VIN checking I was managed to verify them enough to call it quits when it comes to buy them. Thanks for the time and fuel I saved!
Average ratings
Report type:
Average rating
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
(average rating (79 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from the Netherlands
(average rating (10 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from France
(average rating (15 opinions))
AutoCheck Report
(average rating (9 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Belgium
(average rating (16 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Estonia
(average rating (4 opinions))
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