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Reviews of VIN reports

We encourage You to opinion adding on the subject of purchased reports. Your added opinion, will help others customers in making decision about defined reports selection and our consultants will use it to improvement and advancement our services. We thank for expended time in advance and we invite again.
Selected reviews
- Maria
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
Your rating: 3/5
I can recommend autodnaeurope to all who are looking for a used car and want to save some time. Reports are very comprehensive and you can learn a lot from them before inspecting the car. The website has been recommended by a friend who recently bought a car via Internet. I bought 4 or 5 reports in three weeks. I am very satisfied as I learned a lot about cars I wanted to buy from an independent source. As for the number of records sometimes the information in reports were limited, but I knew the range before buying the report, so I won't complain about it.
- Max
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
Your rating: 5/5
autoDNA saved me from yet another car with an odometer that had been dialed back significantly!
- Robert Price
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
Your rating: 4/5
I have owned the car since 1998 and am in the process of restoring it to its former glory. Finding parts has been a nightmare, but this report helped me discover that when initially built the car was registered as an Open Omega A. Only when it arrived a year later at the Vauxhall factory did it change its identity to a Vauxhall Carlton. What this means is that I should now search for Omega A parts as there are more suppliers for this than the Vauxhall. Great help.
Average ratings
Report type:
Average rating
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
(average rating (79 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from the Netherlands
(average rating (10 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from France
(average rating (15 opinions))
AutoCheck Report
(average rating (9 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Belgium
(average rating (16 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Estonia
(average rating (4 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from USA
(average rating (3 opinions))
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