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Reviews of VIN reports

We encourage You to opinion adding on the subject of purchased reports. Your added opinion, will help others customers in making decision about defined reports selection and our consultants will use it to improvement and advancement our services. We thank for expended time in advance and we invite again.
Selected reviews
- Bard56
AutoCheck Report
Your rating: 5/5
Wanted to risk it and import a car from USA...AutoCheck showed me all I should know of the car that I chose, all the history and damage, great!
- Brlzz
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
Your rating: 4/5
Strongly recommended, especially if you're importing. The report showed car history with photos. Unfortunately, this car was a lemon; it was clocked.
- Nicki 00
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Belgium
Your rating: 4/5
I recommend auoDNA! It's almost too good to be true. It has many important bits about the car (like how many users it had) but it also often shows its use. I was thinking of this Nubira which really looked well-maintained and didn't have that many kilometres done but it was such a lemon... it was a taxi before! So it was clocked. I didn't even know VIN says such things but now I know it does and I would recommend reports to everyone, honestly. They will help you not get a heart attack after buying.
Average ratings
Report type:
Average rating
autoDNA Vehicle History Report
(average rating (79 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from the Netherlands
(average rating (10 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from France
(average rating (15 opinions))
AutoCheck Report
(average rating (9 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Belgium
(average rating (16 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from Estonia
(average rating (4 opinions))
autoDNA Report for vehicles from USA
(average rating (3 opinions))
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