Frequently Asked Questions

  1. For which vehicles you can buy report?

    You can buy report for all vehicles (e. g. cars, trucks , buses, motorcycles, mopeds) which have a VIN number consisting of 17 characters in accordance with ISO – 3779. More information on VIN number you can find on the website:

  2. How can I check the vehicle history?

    If you want to check stories vehicle, you should go to the website and in the text box to enter the VIN on the title “Get a FREE VIN check” enter VIN number of the vehicle and then click "VIN check". On autoDNA service website after the analysis of checked vehicle VIN number there are presented reports available for the entered VIN. At this stage, you should select the reports that you are interested in and click “Pay now”.

  3. How much the reports cost?

    Below we present you costs of reports:

    • autoDNA Vehicle History Report: from 5,4€ (the price depends on the amount of information in the report)
    • autoDNA vehicle history report form Netherlands: 4,9€
    • autoDNA vehicle history report form France: 8€
    • autoDNA vehicle history report form Belgium: 8€
    • AutoCheck report: 12,9€
  4. What kind of information I will get from report?

    Before purchase the report, please display the information available for a specific VIN, which receives you after buying the paid version of the report. If before purchasing a vehicle history missing entries, this means that they will not be available after buying the paid version. We invite you to: for more information.

  5. When will I have a report?

    You will get a report automatically after receiving the payment on your e mail. Depending on the payment method for accounting for payments we need a few minutes upwards. You can also see the report on your account after receiving the payment.

  6. There is a TECHNICAL PROBLEM in report

    In the case of a technical problem, make sure that the VIN number is entered correctly and send using the contact form e-mail to Customer Service. Give in the message make, model and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

If the above information did not contain answers to your questions, please contact us using the contact form.
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