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autoDNA is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world offering information about vehicle history of used cars. The vehicle history is offered by means of a report in a form of a concise outline of the lifespan of a car. The reports are designed in a way which, on the basis of the data available for autoDNA, allows presenting vehicle history in a simple, consise and clear manner. The goal for autoDNA is to help making an informed decision while purchasing a car. The Vehicle History Report is aimed at minimising the risk connected with the car purchase process.

The autoDNA reports are available for all types of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles and trailers which were manufactured after 1981 and have a unique 17-digit bodywork identification number (aka VIN number). When using it online, you can quickly obtain a report for a used car you are interested in.

autoDNA is one of the biggest and most important entities on the European and world markets. Millions have trusted us, so if you are considering buying a used car, do not hesitate, join them, and let us help you make the right decision.

Our mission

autoDNA accelerates the changes on the used cars market

autoDNA is constantly working on improving safety and transparency of the transactions on the used cars market. Our mission is to help you choose the best vehicle: we help you minimise the risk during the purchase process and we increase the buyer’s awareness, therefore contributing to the increase their trust in the seller. We constantly decrease the asymmetry of information on the automotive market.

Thanks to the autoDNA reports, we change the used cars market for the better.

autoDNA Vision

Vehicle history uncensored with autoDNA

Remember – you can find the history of more than 500.000.000 cars here. autoDNA is currently one of the most complete vehicle databases in the world. So far, millions of customers have trusted autoDNA and used its services, thanks to which they have discovered the past events of the lifespan of the vehicle. Thanks to this, they have avoided purchasing a Lemon Car. We are constantly updating our databases, making sure that they are complete as much as possible. Our reports may help you discover the vehicle history of a used car before it becomes your property. Remember – you have an absolute right to this.

Why this matters

Transparency thanks to autoDNA

Transparency is the foundation for free and developed markets. Thanks to is, we are able to distinguish the good quality cars from the bad ones. In effect, it leads to the increase of prices of the former and to the decrease – at least in the eyes of the buyers – of prices of the latter.

The autoDNA Vehicle History Report is a product which may help you estimate the quality of the vehicle offered by the seller. It may be a useful tool during the conversation with the seller, car inspection, or a test drive. It may also help you in bargaining the price when buying or re-selling the car.

Our Customers

We have been supporting customers since 2010

Over 3 million autoDNA customers



Over 200 million autoDNA service visits


have visited our website

autoDNA supports over 300 dealer stations and used car lots


dealer stations and used car lots

autoDNA available in over 150 countries



Over 50.000 autoDNA vehicle history inquiries per day

50 000+

vehicle history inquiries

The autoDNA community in social media consisting of over 200.000 people

200 000+

social media – followers

Our Figures

International data in one place

Data on over 500 million vehicles in autoDNA

500 000 000+


Data from over 50.000 entities from the automotive sector in autoDNA

50 000+

entities from the automotive sector

autoDNA data from over 20 countries in Europe and North America

20+ countries

in Europe, North America

Our Team

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autoDNA contact details

Where to find us

autoDNA Company Address

autoDNA company address
AUTODNA Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Obywatelska 128/152 94-104 Łódź
Entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (KRS) at KRS no. 0000349742; District Court of the City of Łódź – Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Division of the National Court Register; Share Capital: 50,000.00 PLN

KRS, NIP and REGON numbers of autoDNA

National Court Register (KRS) number, Taxpayer ID (NIP) number, and Business ID (REGON) number of autoDNA
KRS: 0000349742; NIP: 5492391545; REGON: 121164104

The autoDNA Customer Service Centre contact address

Contact address to the autoDNA Customer Service Center

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