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What sports cars should you buy?

16 August 2022

Sports cars are destined for people who seek for a bit of excitement and adrenaline while driving. A dynamic ride on a public road? Why not, a sports car might not be suited for everyday work commuting or city rides, but then again – it’s not what it’s purchased for. What sports cars should you buy? Take a look at the review of sports cars available on the second-hand cars market.

With the following sports cars review, we shall complete our series on the car selection. We recommend the article in the series to the readers who are looking for a car:


Sports cars – the most important features

A sports car is a car created with the view to achieving the best performance. High maximum speed, at least a 6-cylinder engine, the rear axle drive – these only a few distinctive characteristics of sports cars. Sports cars are created for fast driving and rapidly achieving high speed, but they can also be utilised for everyday rides.

Every buyer who is interested in purchasing a sports car pays attention to different aspects. Some primarily value a pretty design of the car, others care about the power of the engine – the bigger the better.



A sports car should have a powerful engine while maintaining low weight of the whole car.


It’s good to look for cars whose engines are of the capacity of maximum 3 liters, as the smaller the capacity, the lower the weight, and as a result – the pressure on the front axle is lower and handling is easier. The suspension of a sports car is also important – it should allow executing turns dynamically. The bodywork should be as little air-resistant as possible, the tires should provide good grip at high speed, and brakes should allow stopping the car quickly, even at high speed.

Not every sports car is suitable for city rides, but this is not its primary purpose. It’s also not a family car – sports cars usually don’t have much space for passengers, and their equipment is usually quite poor, as for their price their sold for. A small sports car can fit two people, which is not a problem, as it is occasionally used mainly by the driver.


Advantages of owning sports cars

Speed, dynamics and great handling – these are the basic advantages of a sports car. A sports car should be able to reach the speed of 100km/h maximally within 5-6 seconds, it should keep the turns with confidence, and be able to reach its maximum speed of around 200-250km/h. Another advantage of a sports car is the possibility of testing it on a racetrack.


Disadvantages of sports cars

High exploitation costs, including servicing, parts and fuel – these are the main disadvantages of sports cars. It’s important to underline that these cars are suitable for experienced drivers, who are skilled. Otherwise, a fatal mistake might occur. Bravado, a young and inexperienced driver plus a sports car – it might be not a good combination.


 Review of sports cars models

  • Alfa Romeo GT – a car with amazing looks, a big trunk, but, unfortunately, prone to failure. The electricity is usually the problem – it might concern the air conditioning, the immobiliser, airbags, but also the suspension (the control arms) are prone to failure.
  • Audi TT – manufactured between 1998-2006, often bought by young drivers who choose their first sports car – the price is also a factor, as Audi TT can be bought already for several thousand zloty. Unfortunately, this car might be prone to costly steering failures, which bad news for those who don’t dispose of a big budget. The advantages of this car are its good looks and good handling, as well as a great four-wheel drive.
  • Hyundai Genesis Coupe – it base Turbo 2.0 engine already reaches over 200 km/h, whereas the naturally aspirated V6 engine is an interesting choice. In connection with the rear axle drive, it provides lots of fun of driving. This Korean sports car is not manufactured anymore, but it is an interesting item for sure.
  • Ford Focus RS II – 305 HP, a compact look, but despite this – it has great handling. The Focus RS II is a car, in which the engine or suspension failures are a rarity, also, the electricity is also good. Unfortunately, after a dynamic ride it consumes a lot of fuel – even 25 liters per 100 kilometers.
  • Ford Mustang V – a cult car for American cars enthusiasts, although one cannot say that it has breathtaking performance. During the exploitation, you might observe a range of failures – from the engine pump, to the front suspension and not-so durable electricity. The advantage of the Mustang V is its good equipment.
  • Honda S2000 – a Japanese car which delights with its looks, although it doesn’t delight with the spaciousness of its interior. Its advantage is its swiftness and failure-resistance – a durable engine, and electronics which doesn’t case any problems, as well as a failure-resistant suspension.
  • Mazda RX-8 – a stylish car. available for a good price, with solid electricity and suspension. Unfortunately, if any failures occur, they are costly, as the spare parts are not the cheapest. Another disadvantage of Mazda is its high fuel consumption. When purchasing this car, it’s important to pay attention to the cars imported from USA, as many of them are the salvage ones.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX – the power the capability of this car are delightful, in contrast to its quite average looks. The power of the engine might reach up to 395km/h! One should be aware of the cars imported from USA, as well the salvage cars, as the spare parts for Mitsubishi Lance Evo are expensive and it’s also possible that a salvage item has been fixed inappropriately.
  • Nissan GT-R – a dream car for the enthusiasts of very fast and dynamic cars – it reaches 100 km/h within only 3 seconds! Unfortunately, it’s an expensive car, both in purchase and exploitation. Failures, which are prone to occur, primarily concern the transmission – its replacement costs tens of thousands of zloty!
  • Porsche 911 – a legendary car, with amazing looks, great interior, and providing big satisfaction of dynamic ride. Available with a rear drive or w four-wheel drive. Among the most commonly occurring failures are the replacement of the crankshaft in the 3.4 engines, but aside from that, the car is pretty failure-resistant.
  • Subaru Impreza WRX STi – a car which is easily handled, it’s available for a low price, but, unfortunately, its exploitation is costly. Fortunately, this car is not much failure-prone – transmission failures happen, but its suspension is durable, as well as the electronics.


Is it worth buying a sports car?

A sports car is a dream object of many drivers, although not many decide to actually get it. The reason is quite prosaic – high purchase and, later, maintenance costs. Not many cars are suited for daily exploitation, and even if they are, then the owners don’t want to use them apart from the occasional weekend rides.

It’s worth keeping in mind, that sports cars are prone to take part in collisions, due to their power and dynamics.

It’s incredibly crucial, as well-maintained and collision-free sports cars maintain their value. By attaching to the sale offer an updated autoDNA vehicle history report, it would be also easier to sell it in the future.



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What sports cars should you buy?
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What sports cars should you buy?
Sports cars are destined for people who seek for a bit of excitement and adrenaline while driving. What sports cars should you buy? Read more on the article
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