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What sports cars are worth buying?

What sports cars are worth buying?

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What sports cars are worth buying?

A sports car works best for dynamic drivers, which means you don’t usually buy it to drive city roads and park close to your local market. Which sports cars are worth buying, then? Here you will find an overview of models that available for second-hand purchase. This is, at the same time, the last article in our “how to choose” series. For those who haven’t read it yet, we recommend the following articles:

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Sports cars and their key features

Every sports car buyer values a different thing most: some will pay greatest attention to the design while others can focus on engine power. Vehicles of this type should have a powerful engine combined with lightweight design. It is worth looking for cars whose engine capacity doesn’t exceed 3 litres: the smaller the capacity, the smaller the mass and, as a consequence, the weight on the front axle, which means easier driving. The suspension should allow you to perform dynamic turns. The body must be aerodynamic, the tyres must guarantee safe driving, and the brakes must be faultless even at great speeds.
Sports cars simply don’t like city streets but who buys them for traffic jams anyway? They’re not family cars, either, as they offer little passenger space and limited interior facilities at a high price.

What sports cars are worth buying?

What sports cars are worth buying?

Sports cars: an overview of models

Alfa Romeo GT. A great looking car with a spacious boot, but faulty when it comes to performance.  The air conditioning, immobiliser, air bags, and even suspension (wishbones) will be a nuisance.

Audi TT. Manufactured in 1998-2006, it is often the first sports car one buys, popular among the younger drivers and quite cheap; you can get one for a dozen or so thousand PLN. It tends to require costly repairs of the steering suspension, though, which is bad news for the less wealthy drivers. Its greatest features are the look, good driving and a great four wheel drive.

Ford Focus RS II. 305 HP,  a compact look but great driving. Focus RS II is a car that hardly ever breaks down but the money saved on repairs is spent on fuel anyway, as it consumes up to 25 l/100 km.

Ford Mustang V. It has a cult status among enthusiasts of American vehicles, even though its performance is far from impressive. May prove faulty when it comes to the engine pump and the electrics. It is well-equipped, though.

Honda S2000. A Japanese car whose great looks compensate for the cramped space inside. It turns easily and tends to be fault-proof: the engine, electrics and suspension shouldn’t cause too much trouble.

Mazda RX 8. Stylish looks, attractive price, solid electrics and suspension. If it does require repairing, though, the costs tend to be painful as the parts are all but cheap. The consumption also contributes to increased driving costs. If you decide to buy it, make sure it is well checked as this model, if imported from the USA, is usually sold following an accident.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. Great power and performance compensating for the ordinary looks. The engines are available in up to 395 HP! Watch out for cars imported from the USA, and the damaged  ones, as parts can cost a fortune and even if something has already been replaced, you need to make sure it’s been done properly.

Nissan GT-R. A dream come true if you love fast, dynamic driving, as it only needs 3 seconds to get to 100 km/h. Unfortunately, it is a costly choice when it comes to buying and using. The gearbox breaks quite often and the replacement may cost as much as a couple dozen thousand PLN.

Porsche 911. A legendary car that combines great looks, original performance solutions and truly dynamic driving. Available in rear and four wheel drive. The 3.4 engines tend to undergo crankshaft seizures but apart from that, this model is among the less faulty available on the market.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Attractive price, good driving but costly servicing. Faults are not very common, though: you may need to work on the gearbox but the suspension is solid, and so is the electrics.

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