What makes a good second car dealer

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I must admit that I was a bit amused by the Google search engine, which suggested to me the search phrase “honest Silesian used car dealer”.

The mere fact that such a phrase was suggested proves two things. Firstly, used car dealers haven’t got a particularly good reputation these days. Secondly, people still haven’t lost hope that there are honest car dealers out there.

So how do you find a really good establishment of this kind? What should you pay attention to when visiting such a place?

Hand-over report: you WILL need it

When entrusting your car to a dealer, you’re leaving it on its own. This is why you have to write a hand-over report: it is the report which describes (with text and photos) the state of the car on the day of leaving it at the dealer’s place.

Transparent costs

Years ago, there was a joke you could hear everywhere. How do you find the cheapest monitored car park in the city centre? The answer was: give your car to a car dealer and overprice it so no one will buy it! Today, there is no room for such behaviour but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for the cost (at least the parking fee) before leaving the car at the dealer’s.


A great way to make a good deal is to use the services of a dealer who is awarded with a prestigious quality certificate.

Trustworthiness of the dealer

It’s better to know the bitterest truth than fall for the sweetest lie. To put it bluntly, if the dealer “sweet-talks a buyer”, it is highly unlikely that they’ll reveal to you which parts require fixing or replacing (or what repairs they can foresee in the nearest future). Although seemingly profitable for the owner, this strategy is extremely short-sighted.

By the way: it’s worth choosing the dealer who lets you examine every nook and cranny of the vehicle (of course within reason) and doesn’t forbid you from testing the car paint with a paint meter.

Is it a professional dealer or a dummy company?

This may look like over-zealousness but it is worth checking if the dealer has registered their business activity at all. This can prove crucial when it’s necessary to return a faulty vehicle.

What you need to remember when buying a car from a dealer

No car is perfect. Especially no used car. Every one of them will require a financial contribution. Why is that so? In general, hardly anyone gets rid of a problem-free car. It is virtually guaranteed the car was driven as long as it was cost-effective.

Speaking about “perfection,”…

Buying a car from a dealer? Check its history!

Before buying a car from a dealer, it is worth checking the information available about it, which can be gathered by decoding its VIN number. Read more:


A perfect dealer:

  1. Works legally (has a registered business activity) and is insured against damage or theft of the vehicle.
  2. Lets you examine the car on the premises or in the service station of your choosing.
  3. Doesn’t have any hidden fees.
  4. Signs contracts with buyers, which precisely define the price (expected and minimum) and the commission.
  5. And most importantly: such a dealer isn’t afraid of letting the buyer know about the faults of the vehicle. This is a rare quality, though.
What makes a good second car dealer
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What makes a good second car dealer
I must admit that I was a bit amused by the Google search engine, which suggested to me the search phrase "honest Silesian used car dealer".
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