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Used hybrid – TOP 10 affordable and durable hybrid cars

2 November 2021

Looking for a used hybrid? Check which vehicles with an electric unit are most popular among drivers. We have drawn up a list of the top ten models at different prices. See what you should pay attention to when buying a car and how to avoid a wrong choice.

Aftermarket hybrids – how to choose the best one?

Looking to buy an electric car? Before you make your mind, consider which parameters are vital for you and how you will use the vehicle. First of all, you should consider whether you want an all-electric car, a plug-in hybrid ideal for short distances, or a soft hybrid. So, start by choosing the type of hybrid drive. Hybrid cars come in many different variants.

Among other things, you can opt for a micro-hybrid, in which the electric motor is not used to power the vehicle but only acts as a starter. A popular aftermarket choice for drivers is the so-called mild or soft hybrids. There, the electric motor cannot drive the car independently but effectively supports the combustion engine. An interesting option may also be a hybrid equipped with an internal combustion engine connected to components that can work in series. It works by generating electricity, which drives the wheels with the help of an electric motor.


Pay attention

Apart from the type of drive, when choosing a second-hand hybrid, also pay attention to other issues, such as:

  • rich equipment
  • energy recovery system
  • battery capacity
  • fuel consumption.


All those translate into driving comfort, as well as the costs of operating a hybrid car.
It is also worth considering whether it is more beneficial for you to buy a second-hand car from the first owner in Poland or perhaps import it from the United States. Each solution has its pros and cons, so they should be carefully considered.


Top 10 affordable used hybrids

The second-hand market offers used hybrid cars at various prices. We have compiled a list of the most popular models in two price ranges to facilitate your choice. It includes vehicles with an electric motor and a diesel or petrol engine. Here are the hybrids that are most popular among Polish drivers.


Hybrids up to 7 500 USD

Toyota Prius

It is a model from 2009-2015, which you can buy for about 6 500-7 500 USD. Cheaper items are also available, but they are usually imported cars with very high mileage. The car’s main advantage is a low defect rate, as well as relatively low repair costs. Its average fuel consumption is about 4.8 l/100 km. In terms of appearance, the Toyota Prius fits the taste of most drivers – the classic form is neither delightful nor controversial.

Toyota Auris

It is a hybrid vehicle with a form slightly more compact than the above model’s. It will do well both in the city and on longer journeys, as users above all emphasise the high driving comfort of this Toyota model. The car consumes around 5 L/100 km, and the power of 136 hp allows for dynamic driving. The 2013 Auris costs around 7 500 USD, which places it among the recommended cars with a hybrid drive.

Honda CR-Z

It is a vehicle that will perfectly fit drivers’ expectations looking for compact models with a sporty look. The car is equipped with a four-cylinder petrol engine with point fuel injection. In addition, the driver has a hybrid system at his disposal, which adds up to 114 hp. The power should be satisfactory enough considering its relatively small size. To add to that, such a Honda can be bought for about 6 000 USD. On the other hand, many drivers highlight that the car looks more dynamic than it really is.

Honda Jazz

Another hybrid that made it to our list is Honda Jazz, produced between 2008 and 2014. The car, which can be bought for around 6 500 USD, is an exciting choice, especially when driving short distances. It will be ideal for the city, mainly due to its compact size. If you are interested in a B-segment hybrid, this model definitely deserves your attention.

Honda Insight

The second-hand 2009-2014 hybrid is available for around 6 000 USD. That is not much considering the driving stability, quality braking system and stylish look. The downside of this vehicle is low dynamics – it only offers 88 hp. However, it will do very well if you are looking for a car for quiet city driving.

Toyota Yaris

A trendy car available with a petrol engine enhanced with a hybrid drive system. With 100 hp and compact size, it is the perfect car for dynamic city driving. You can get one for ca 6 500 USD.




Hybrids over 7 500 USD

Lexus CT

It is a trouble-free hybrid with 136 hp. The fuel economy is at 2.2 l/100 km. The advantage of this car is top-class batteries and a very stylish look, characteristic of this brand. It can be purchased for as little as 8 000 USD.

Lexus RX

It is a car for those looking for an SUV that can be charged with electricity. This hybrid car is known to be a reliable defect-free model, and the high-end hybrid drive gives it up to 299 hp. A vehicle from the early production, i.e. 2009, can be bought for 9 000 USD.

Peugeot 508

It is a hybrid car with a lot of power, considering its size. The driver has as much as 200 hp at his disposal, including models with a diesel engine. For just over 7 500 USD, you can get yourself a hybrid, which is a functional and very comfortable family car, and also moves quite dynamically. The fuel economy is also its asset.

Suzuki SX4-Cross

This 129 hp minivan will be a good choice for those looking for a versatile car for city driving and more challenging terrain. Lavishly equipped, comfortable, and dynamic at the same time. The 2020-model can be purchased for as little as 20 000 USD. So, if you want to buy a “young” hybrid, it is a good choice.


Check the vehicle’s history before you buy

Whichever hybrid model you decide to acquire, it’s always a good idea to learn whatever you can about the very car that has won your interest. While hybrids have a low failure rate, there is still some controversy about this type of vehicle. Some people point to the battery life loss, while others refer to used plug-in cars as “time bombs”.


It is good to know

autoDNA is the leading provider of services of checking vehicle history online. Based on your VIN number, with autoDNA you can verify vehicle history before making a purchase. In many cases, checking your VIN may prevent you from incurring unwanted additional costs associated with purchasing a vehicle with an unknown or salvage past.

By obtaining such information, you gain much higher certainty that nothing will surprise you while using a newly purchased car.




Is a used hybrid worth buying?

If you are wondering whether it is worth buying a used hybrid, the answer is yes. However, you should search for your desired model smartly. First, you should determine your needs and think about what the car will be used for. The Polish market offers models with various parameters, and practically everyone will find something for themselves.

Another issue is to learn the history of the chosen vehicle. Not all defects can be seen at first glance, nor will the previous owner always be able or willing to disclose them to you. However, you can be sure that with a reliable vehicle history report you are not buying “a pig in a poke”.

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