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What is the Toyota Quality Program? Is it worth it?



Toyota Quality is a program under which you can buy used cars of all brands. The purchase takes place at authorized dealerships, and each vehicle is checked very carefully. Thanks to this, the buyer gains a trusted car – used cars available more easily and safely than before.


What is the Toyota Quality Program?

The multi-brand trade-in Toyota Quality program is an opportunity to buy used cars with warranty directly from experienced dealers of the Japanese brand – although there are models of different brands in the offer as well. Of course, Toyota and Lexus cars are the most popular, but the choice is much greater.

Over the years, the buy-back and sale program operated directly at Toyota dealerships – in Poland, there are a total of 74 of them, including the ones offering vans. However, the representatives of the Japanese company came to the conclusion that it is not enough – and so the first dealerships dedicated directly to the sale of used cars have been created.





Who is the program addressed to?

Anyone can buy a car with warranty as part of the program. This is an option for both private users as well as companies – because in most cases the transaction takes place on the basis of a 23% VAT invoice. Thanks to this, the purchase can be included in the costs of running a business – then it becomes even more profitable.

The car repurchase and sale program is primarily aimed at those users for whom a trusted car is at the top of the hierarchy of needs. They do not want to worry about the unknown technical condition or unverified history.



Toyota Quality collects the best offers which are distinguished by verified technical condition and documented history and mileage. This is the basis for buying cars on the secondary market!



Financing in the Toyota Quality Program

The Toyota Quality program offers a range of financing options, so that each customer should be able to find an option for themselves, whether they wish to spend the entire amount on buying a car at once or spread the payment into low installments (privately or as a company expense). These are i.a.:


How are the cars in the program checked?

Toyota Quality offers car with warranty and guarantees a meticulous quality control, which the following elements are subject to:

Checking the technical condition of the car in the Toyota Quality program ends with a test drive and the check is documented by a series of printouts to confirm the established information. The result is a thoroughly checked technical condition and documented history and mileage – the most important elements to pay attention to when buying and selling used cars.


What cars are available in the program?

Toyota Quality – despite its name – is a multi-brand program of buying and selling used cars. You can find cars of different brands in it, although Toyota dominates there, of course. There are also numerous Lexus cars – a luxury brand owned by the Japanese manufacturer.



The Toyota Quality program is full of cars of this brand.



It primarily consists of Toyota Yaris – urban cars model appreciated by both private and business users. There’s also lots of offers for customers who are looking for such models as Auris and Corolla, RAV-4 or the hybrid model C-HR which has recently been gaining popularity.



Lexus cars are – for obvious reasons – a little less popular, but the interested customers will still be able to find something for themselves. Small mileage, a new model, and documented history – these are the features that make buying a Lexus with a warranty worth it. The Lexus car under the Toyota Quality program are primarily the NX and RX models, but there are also the GS, and even the powerful GX and sporty LC models.


Other brands

Used cars of all brands are eligible for the program, and the key determinant is their technical condition. Admirers of Italian cars will find several copies of Alfa Romeo and, of course, Fiat. There are also used cars from BMW, Audi and Mercedes, and for those who do not like to limit themselves, there will be even cars from Porsche, Maserati and Jaguar.

All these used cars have one thing in common – Toyota Quality guarantees their very good technical condition. You may find the very best deals!


Fleet hits from the Toyota program – used cars from companies

As part of the Toyota Quality program, you can also buy used cars previously used by companies. This is definitely an interesting offer – you can find in the program really interesting used cars of all brands originating from companies which maintained their fleet with great care.


Advantages of the Toyota Quality Program

Is it worth using the Toyota Quality program? There are many advantages that speak for such a choice, although you should remember that other companies also have their own programs for selling used cars. So, it is definitely worth comparing different offers and making a choice based on that.


The main advantages of the program are:

  1. Accurately checked technical condition
  2. A well-documented history and mileage
  3. Each model comes with a minimum one-year warranty (including the Toyota Plus protection).
  4. Low monthly installment in the case of purchase financing
  5. Wide selection – you can find models of different brands, not only used Toyota and Lexus cars

Ultimately, the Toyota Quality program means first and foremost convenience and safety for the buyer.


Trusted car with hybrid drive (hybrid)

A noteworthy offer in the Toyota Quality program is the hybrid cars – which, along with the electric ones, are going to be the future of private road transport. Buying a used hybrid on your own is quite risky. Many potential customers fear, among other things, about expensive battery replacements, as well as the lack of the necessary knowledge to verify the technical condition of the car.

Because the used cars in the program are the best deals from Toyota dealers who have a lot of experience with hybrid cars, this is a safe and perspective option, and a versatile hybrid model can be a noteworthy alternative to more gas-guzzling cars with gasoline or – even more so – diesel engines.


Disadvantages of the Toyota Quality Program

Used vehicles of all brands can be purchased on the market – e.g. directly from their owners, as well as in commissions and intermediaries. They can also be imported from abroad. Does Toyota’s offer have any drawbacks? It depends on what you pay attention to the most. The Toyota Quality cars offered cannot compete with “price bargains”. You can certainly buy cars cheaper… but it is worth remembering that excessive savings when buying a car usually translate into unwanted expenses later. In other words, sometimes it’s better to pay more than use a seemingly profitable offer and worry later.

Regardless of whether you are buying a car in the program or any other way, remember to verify the VIN number and check the vehicle history. Check your VIN before buying at autoDNA and be sure you know everything about your new car!


It is good to know

Did you like this article? Anything you’d like to ask in your comment? Feel free to share your feedback and comment at the bottom of the article. And remember – always before buying a car, motorcycle or even a trailer – check vehicle history and free VIN lookup with autoDNA based on the VIN numberVIN check is one of the most important things to do before deciding to buy a used vehicle. Thanks to this, autoDNA helps you make an informed decision.



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What is the Toyota Quality Program? Is it worth it?
Toyota Quality is a program under which you can buy used cars of all brands. The purchase takes place at authorized dealerships - each vehicle is checked.
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