Second hand cars from a dealer: Toyota and Lexus

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A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 6

Toyota is one of the most popular brands in Poland; those who are looking for a new car are likely to buy one of its models. But then again, perhaps you’re interested in a second hand Toyota and not a new one? Or you’re after a Lexus but only willing to spend 100 k PLN max? How do you find what you’re looking for? Find the answers in our post dedicated to the sales of used cars of both these Japanese brands.

The programme of Toyota, which is a popular brand in Poland, has a dedicated website you can also access using the importer’s website.  It features ca. 700 offers divided into caathegories similar to those available in the new car search engine at Selected vehicles in the best condition come with at least a 12 months’ warranty, even if they are not Toyota but different brands sold at Toyota dealer salons. In order to keep the warranty you need to stick to ASCs whenever your car needs maintenance, just as if you bought a new car and not a pre-owned one. Toyota Plus offers vehicles with a quality certificate issued based on standardized procedures of technical inspection.

The programme (previously known as Toyota SURE) is interesting and intuitive; the search engine features smooth preference settings which allow you to limit the results exactly to what you need and can afford. You can also go straight to viewing the demonstration vehicles (referred to as “test vehicles”), or look up hybrid models only, which have also been gaining popularity for a while now. Hybrids are a treat for a number of taxi drivers, which makes the offers literally disappear overnight. Apart from Toyota, you may come across different brands, depending on what the customers sold at the dealer’s when buying a new car. The price range is incredible, starting from a few thousand PLN up to over a hundred thousand. 

True, you can come across a cheap 1999 Toyota Avensis at 6,200 PLN with a velour upholstery, aircon, 280,000 km driven and documented history, too. Most of the offers are a lot more expensive, though, especially if you’re after a Yaris, Corolla or Avensis. Still, this doesn’t mean that limited budget will leave you with no options to choose from. You can actually even use the Toyota Plus to look up an older Lexus but if you’re only after a Lexus anyway, then perhaps it would be better to visit their dedicated programme:

Lexus Select

The cheapest vehicles offered by the authorized Lexus dealers cost a few dozen thousand PLN, and the most expensive ones can cost up to ten times this. Lexus offers a very good search engine that is intuitive and comfortable to use, but then again if you’re looking for a car in this segment, you will most likely know exactly what you want anyway. The programme features a number of vehicles with a hybrid engine and documented servicing history. Remember: with Lexus, you’re browsing the options in a segment in which you can easily come across a well kept vehicle without too much mileage on the clock. The majority of cars offered are Lexus, of course, but you may also find a Porsche 911, or even a Hummer H1. Not only this; you can actually also buy vehicles which are normally not available in Poland, such as Lexus GX based on Toyota Land Cruiser (the Lexus brand belongs to Toyota after all). 

Toyota Plus and Pre-Owned Lexus
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Toyota Plus and Pre-Owned Lexus
A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 6
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