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Top 10 apps for drivers

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What we drive today is far closer to a computer than a traditional car. With a rapidly growing number of automatised features that used to be available in premium class only but have now become common, a sat nav, drive computer or parking assist can now be found even in the more popular models.

The fun part is that you don’t even need to buy a brand new car to be able to use most of the features offered by car manufacturers, so long as you have a smartphone, Internet access and a few useful apps. Below you will find a non-objective list of 10 interesting apps that are available free of charge and can increase the functionality of your car in ways you wouldn’t even think of.

10 apps for drivers

1) Yanosik

One of the most popular apps combining the pros of sat nav with the skip traffic option and CB radio; it is used by over 1.5 million drivers per month. Yanosik features live speed cam, unmarked police car, speed control and ECR control warnings, with the information verified by all users, live. The app has a clear and user-friendly interface; the only real drawback are the advertisements in the free version but even these are placed in a way that does not decrease the comfort of use.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

2) Waze

One of the biggest social media navigational apps used to monitor traffic. Not only will it inform you that you are heading towards a jam but it will also allow you to make changes on maps and even display the cheapest fuel stations around. When it comes to the mechanism itself, Waze is very similar to Yanosik. Users are often surprised with its extensive database. One of the more interesting functionalities is map sharing; when someone is awaiting your arrival, you can send them a link to the map showing your route, updated live. The map opens in the browser, which means that the other person does not need to install the app.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone (users complain of lack of updates since 2014)

3) Google Maps

This app works on the maps which are well-known to any average user of the Internet. Its interface is very intuitive; it is also synced with Google – a feature that will be appreciated by any driver used to working with Google on their home PC – and has an incredible database. You can use Google Maps for navigation and updates on traffic. If due to an unexpected event such as an accident, a change of route is needed, the app can display an alternative route live.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

4) AutoGuard Blackbox

This is basically the black box of your car. It allows recording your driving, including such parameters as the speed and position on the map. You can use it so find your friends on Google maps and send your recordings by e-mail. It enables recording in high quality (1080p), which can prove invaluable when you need to provide a proof to the Police or insurer following a road event. It will also give you quick access to emergency phone numbers if you need them.

Availability: Android, iOS

5) MoBILET, Sky Cash

These apps are particularly useful in the cities where you need to pay for parking; they save you the trouble of always having pocketfuls of change. You can also make some savings by paying exactly for the time the car was parked – nothing more, nothing less. Before you get in the car, it is worth checking if the app works in the city you are going to, though.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

6) Fuelio

A useful app that allows you to monitor the amounts of money spent on fuel. Based on GPS data, it displays a number or statistics such as the average fuel consumption or the number of refuelings, all this on easily readable charts. If you opt to pay for the app, your charts can automatically be sent to your Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also analyse data from more than one car.

Availability: Android

7) mobile.de

This app is designed for those looking for a second-hand car. Its greatest feature is the possibility of searching for a desired car beyond the Polish borders; data from other EU countries is available, too. Mobile has an extensive database regarding vehicles sold both by owners and dealers in the whole EU.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

8) Torque Lite

This app allows you to monitor a number of parameters live and diagnose the engine based on driver errors. It requires a Bluetooth interface; you can purchase one for as little as 40 PLN and plug it in the OBDII. The paid version of this app (15 PLN) features one more fantastic option: it enables you to delete errors. Most of car mechanics charge 50 or so PLN for deleting the “check engine” error; the same money can buy you this app plus the interface. Alternatively, Android users car install the free Piston or OBD Car Doctor apps. iOS users can go for EOBD Facile (basic diagnostics and error deletion) or  EOBD Premium (paid version with full diagnostics).

Availability: Android, iOS

9) Blablacar

A very popular app that allows the driver and passengers to share the cost of driving. You set a route and wait for a passenger to appear; Blabla will calculate the average cost per person and charge some commission but with a passenger paying for your driving, you will still make savings. If you regularly drive longer distances and have some passenger space available, Blablacar can be a real source of income. There is an alternative app, too, whose name is Carpooling.

Availability: Android, iOS

10) MyCar Locator

An interesting app allowing you to locate your car, very useful in bigger parkings, unknown streets, city you have never been to, etc. It is an ideal solution for all those “where-the-hell-did-I-park-it” drivers: both the forgetful and the busy.

Availability: Android

Apps are not the only reason why a smartphone is a useful piece of car equipment. There are smartphone-compatible rear view cameras available in the market – you can use them when you have no central display. You can even turn on parking heating remotely, using your phone. The options of making a smartphone useful in your car are virtually unlimited; you can easily find something suited to your needs.

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