The safest cars of 2017: which one should you choose?

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It is the time of the year when every dealer tries to sell their cars as cheap as possible. Nevertheless, if you’re after the safest car of 2017, you have to prepare yourself for premium class prices. This is because according to the EURO NCAP ranking, all the safest vehicles are either premium class or the highest models of the (slightly) less expensive brands. At the same time, you need to remember that higher class doesn’t necessarily mean the car will be safe.

You should also decide what safety means to you when it comes to driving. Is it the safety of the driver and adult passengers, the children, the person the car has hit, or just the number of newest safety systems in the car? All the above categories of the EURO NCAP 2017 ranking differ when it comes to the highest ranking models. Let us look at the top ten of each of these categories. The model name and the test result are separated with a dash.

Safest driving for adults:

  1. Volvo XC60 – 98%
  2. Alfa Romeo Stelvio – 97%
  3. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – 97%
  4. VW Arteon – 96%
  5. VW Polo – 96%
  6. VW T-Roc – 96%
  7. Volvo V90 – 95%
  8. Volvo S90 – 95%
  9. Toyota CH-R – 95%
  10. Seat Ibiza – 95%

At least two models are surprising here. VW Polo has scored very high (5th place), which clearly looks like a mistake. It’s no mistake, though; it turns out that VW Polo has really earned its position in the EURO NCAP ranking. Seat Ibiza (10th place) also seems surprising compared to the other vehicles in the top ten.

Interestingly, premium class, as well as models which have been designed to provide similar experience, have scored much lower; see e.g. DS 3 (69%), Alfa Romeo Giulietta (72%), or Ford Mustang (72%). One can’t help but wonder who would walk into a Ford salon only to inform the dealer they won’t buy that Mustang after all because it scored lower than VW Polo in terms of driving safety, though. Ford dealers are not used to this approach so it might be a good idea to not stress them out.

Safest driving with children:

  1. Subaru XV – 89%
  2. Subaru Impreza – 89%
  3. Opel Grandland X – 87%
  4. VW T-Roc – 87%
  5. Volvo XC60 – 87%
  6. Mercedes Benz X class – 87%
  7. Jaguar E-Pace – 87%
  8. DS 7 Crossback – 87%
  9. Audi Q5 – 86%
  10. BMW 5 series – 85%

No surprises in the top 10 of this category, it seems; that is, unless you weren’t expecting Subaru Impreza. The name doesn’t make you think of family driving in the first place so you have the right to be shocked.

Interestingly enough, the lowest positions are fun to read, too, especially that Ford Mustang (32%) managed to score even lower than Fiat Punto (43%) or Doblo (46%). Alfa Romeo Giulietta (56%) hasn’t impressed anyone, either. In fact, even Dacia Duster (66%) turns out to be much safer for your kids than either of the two!

Safest for pedestrians:

  1. VW Arteon – 85%
  2. Subaru XV – 84%
  3. Subaru Impreza – 82%
  4. BMW 5 series – 81%
  5. BMW 6 series GT – 81%
  6. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – 80%
  7. Mercedes Benz X class – 80%
  8. Jaguar E-Pace – 80%
  9. VW T-Roc – 79%
  10. Ford Mustang – 78%

No surprises in the top ten, apart from the fact that Ford Mustang is there at all! You’d better not have an accident while driving it, and if you do, you should be thankful your kids weren’t inside but if you happen to be hit by a Mustang, chances are you will be luckier than you might expect. Turns out Ford Mustang is capable of scoring quite high after all.

There is no Alfa Romeo Giulietta at the very bottom of the ranking, either. Traditionally, though, Fiat Punto is still scoring very low. How is it possible that in the 21st century Fiat engineers are still able to design a car that scores literally 0 (zero) in the EURO NCAP test?

Safety systems:

  1. Volvo XC60 – 95%
  2. Volvo V90 – 93%
  3. Volvo S90 – 93%
  4. Honda Civic – 88%
  5. VW Arteon – 82%
  6. Kia Stinger – 82%
  7. Toyota C-HR – 78%
  8. Mercedes Benz X class – 77%
  9. DS 7 Crossback – 76%
  10. Renault Koleos – 75%

True, the top is all Volvos, but the ranking gets interesting from the 6th place on. For the first time, though, the top ten also features Honda, KIA and Renault. Civic, Stinger and Koleos have enough safety systems to really attract the buyer. Toyota CH-R is there in the top ten again.

Which cars have scored the lowest? Fiat Punto, of course, remains as impressive as ever (0%!) but its position is not safe with Ford Mustang (16%) being so close to it; in fact, the Mustang is even closer to Fiat Punto than Fiat Doblo! There are no surprises when it comes to Giulietta; it still scores low.

Safest vehicle (general rating)

  1. Volvo XC60
  2. VW Arteon
  3. Volvo V90
  4. Volvo S90
  5. VW T-Roc
  6. Subaru XV
  7. Subaru Impreza
  8. Mercedes Benz klasa X
  9. Jaguar F-Pace
  10. Kia Stinger

According to the “EURO NCAP safest vehicle” rating, Volvo and Volkswagen are the safest brands in general. The first 5 features 3 models of Volvo and 2 Volkswagens. Interestingly, KIA Stinger is also there in the top ten even though it didn’t score too high in any of the categories.

The bottom positions are more interesting, as usual. Fiat Punto seems very stable when it comes to ratings, with its 0/5 star. Still, no-one expects miracles from Fiat. Compared to this, the 2/5 stars Mustang scored are a disgrace for Ford. DS 3, Opel Karl and Alfa Romeo Giulietta do look bad in the ranking, too.

Before you use the table to determine what car to buy, please remember that its results have been questioned for a while now. Manufacturers are not stupid; they’ve learnt to manufacture cars in a way which will make them score high during tests to make sure they seem to be the safest. When you know the 2 to 3 models you need to choose between, read the detailed test results to check where exactly the stars come from.

Be careful if you want to purchased one of the cars which scored lowest, too. The low score may mean that the manufacturer didn’t think about safety rankings but it may just as well mean they weren’t thinking about your safety at all, which would be much worse!

The safest cars of 2017: which one should you choose?
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The safest cars of 2017: which one should you choose?
It is the time of the year when every dealer tries to sell their cars as cheap as possible. Nevertheless, if you’re after the safest car of 2017, you have to prepare yourself for premium class prices.
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