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The most expensive car accessories

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How much do you have to pay for a champagne refrigerator to put in a Rolls-Royce? How much does a timepiece which unlocks an Aston Martin cost? At what price could we buy luxury luggages for a BMW? Today, we invite you to face the real “first world problems”. Let’s see how much the most expensive car accessories cost.

Car advertisements often attract us with low prices. However, after visiting the manufacturer’s website or a dealer, it turns out that for the amount mentioned in the advertisement, we’ll only get a basic “shack on wheels”. If you want such “luxury” as electric windows, a car stereo or even a lighter, you have to pay extra. Broadly speaking, car accessories can cost a lot of money and raise the price of a new vehicle by thousands of dollars/euros.  For example, let’s compare the price lists of two manufacturers: the low-budget Dacia and the prestigious BMW. You can buy the cheapest model of Dacia Sandero with a petrol engine for 29,900 PLN, and the most expensive, fully equipped diesel model for 53,100 PLN. In turn, the high-end BMW 7 Series costs from 428,100 PLN to 532,600 PLN. In both cases, the price range is pretty large.

Of course, car manufacturers also bear in mind the needs of people for whom even the most luxurious version of equipment is insufficient. In each manufacturer’s catalogue we can find numerous car accessories, which gives the customers many options on which to spend as much money as they want.  This applies mainly to luxury brands: the prices of their accessories reach astronomical heights.

The most expensive car accessories: drinks

Is it even appropriate for a Ferrari driver to drink from a plastic bottle or a paper cup? In order to ease the customer’s suffering in this matter a bit, Ferrari is offering the option to buy carbon giber cup holders. In this case, the price of $3,500 (more than 14,000 PLN) looks like a real bargain!

That was about the driver, now let’s not forget about the passengers. Travelling in the back seat of a Mercedes-Maybach, they can enjoy a glass of champagne. Of course, the German company took proper care to make sure passengers don’t have to bring their own glasses. They can be a part of the vehicle’s equipment, for a modest price of $3,200.  

Bentley upped the ante: you can buy a champagne refrigerator for a Bentley Flying Spur by Mulliner. It’ll cost you $10,000. All in all they’re right: what’s the pleasure of drinking warm champagne, even when served in fancy glasses?

Rolls-Royce also makes a nod to champagne enthusiasts. The potential owners of Rolls-Royce Phantom have the option of equipping their new car with a set of 6 glasses and a container large enough to cool two standard-sized bottles. Price? Something around $19,500.

The most expensive car accessories: luggage

The manufacturer of Range Rover SV Autobiography has gone the extra mile to make travelling in this car as pleasant as possible. However, drivers tired of stuffing their luggage into a huge trunk may forget about the pleasure. Fortunately, for a modest extra charge of $5,000 we can equip our Range Rover with the sliding loadspace floor, which’ll make the loading much easier.

Speaking of which, it’s doesn’t seem appropriate to stuff our luxury vehicle with just anything. This is why Louis Vuitton, a Parisian fashion house, has prepared a special set of 4 handmade suitcases which will perfectly match our new BMW i8. We shouldn’t be deterred by their price of 20 thousand dollars, of course.

The most expensive car accessories: time is money

Travelling in a luxury car, such as a Bentley Bentayga, is always pleasant. However, when we’re in a hurry, it’s best to check the time on the Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon clock with an 18-karat gold casing and indices made of 12 diamonds. Price? Only $170,000!

Fortunately for those who consider this an unnecessary expense, the automotive industry has other offers, too. For a mere $28,500 you can have The Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece which unlocks your Aston Martin DB9, DBS and Rapide.

The most expensive car accessories: the priceless safety

Carbon fiber has high mechanical resistance, it’s also resistant to temperature and chemicals. As everyone knows, you can’t save on security and durability, so having a carbon body for Pagani Huayra is worth the extra $150,000. You could almost say that’s a bargain; a similar accessory for Bugatti Veyron costs $300,000.

Of course, the use of carbon fibre is not limited to the body. It’s worth considering equipping your Jaguar F-Type with carbon-ceramic brakes, especially that they come with outstanding brake callipers and elegant pedal covers. The price of this option does not seem excessive; it amounts to about $15,000.

When it comes to the most expensive car accessories, brakes are actually a quite popular choice. For example, BMW offers ceramic brakes for M6 Gran Coupe and Mercedes for AMG GT, among others.   Their price oscillates around $10,000.

The most expensive car accessories: aesthetics above all

Wouldn’t it be great if every element inside our car was leather-trimmed? Audi A8 offers an option where leather can even be found on doors, in door compartments, in the glove box or on the dashboard. A true enthusiast of natural materials won’t be deterred by the price of such set, which amounts to about 70,000 PLN.  

A simulated starry sky for Rolls Royce’s interior, which can be installed in a Phantom Coupe, is just as nice an option, too. If you’d like to have it, you will need to have a spare $13,000.

Many readers of this article will probably ask themselves whether the most expensive car accessories have any sense and purpose at all and whether the buyers have lost their minds. The right question to ask is: if someone can afford to buy a car for a million PLN, why would they give up accessories, even if they cost several thousand PLN, or even dollars?  After all, everything depends on the point of view. In addition, the most expensive car accessories may cost a lot but if we compare their price to the cost of the entire car, we’ll be significantly less surprised.

The most expensive car accessories
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The most expensive car accessories
How much do you have to pay for a champagne refrigerator to put in a Rolls-Royce? How much does a timepiece which unlocks an Aston Martin cost? At what price could we buy luxury luggages for a BMW? Today, we invite you to face the real “first world problems". Let's see how much the most expensive car accessories cost.
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