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The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned vehicles

17 April 2023

The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned program allows you to purchase verified, high-quality used cars of the brand in question. This is an excellent solution for drivers who value safe solutions — the offer consists of certified used Mercedes cars from a reliable source. As a result, when buying a new car, there is no stress and fear of making a bad decision. What should you know about the program?


What is the “Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned” program?

Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned – Used Cars is a program that allows you to purchase a used Mercedes car without any risk which usually accompanies transactions on the secondary market. Thanks to this solution, potential customers can make a safe purchase without much stress. The offer is available at selected Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

Importantly, all cars in the offer are thoroughly inspected before they are accepted for sale – they are subjected to technical inspection and their history is verified, thanks to which they are covered by an additional, minimum 24-month warranty (with the possibility of extending it).



It is the quality guarantee indeed that makes the certified used cars very popular, and it allows car buyers to safely and peacefully travel around the country and beyond.



Who is the program addressed to?

The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned program is aimed at people who are looking for high-quality, verified cars used by reputable brands in the secondary market. This program allows you to buy a used Mercedes car without any risk — all models, before they are bought by the new owner, have their technical condition checked.


Financing in the program

Customers interested in buying a car under the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned program can use various forms of financing for its purchase. It is possible to use a loan to buy the offered used cars. In such case, you can choose the number of monthly installments on preferential terms as part of the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.


Pay attention

An alternative for people running a business is a lease, also in the form of Lease&Drive 1% with low monthly installments.


When purchasing a used car available in the offer of Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned, you can trade-in your current car. Then, specialists check its technical condition and prepare a valuation. On the basis of the prepared offer, they allow you to trade-in the car, i.e. the price of the new car is reduced accordingly. It is a convenient way of doing the transaction which allows avoiding the sometimes problematic sale of the car on one’s own.


How are cars checked in the Mercedes-Benz program?

All used cars available under the Mercedes-Benz program share high quality and verified good technical condition. The manufacturer’s specialists carry out a complex internal and external inspection of the vehicle. The control includes checking the body and interior of the car is carried out along with a check of the service history. Importantly, all activities are carried out by qualified and authorized specialists, which guarantees that the used cars in the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned program are properly checked. After a thorough technical inspection is completed, the car undergoes a road test – this is a process involving the performance of various types of maneuvers, the purpose of which is to confirm the efficiency of all systems.

An important part of the verification of a used car is the mileage check. All cars are inspected for the realness of mileage based on available vehicle history, digital service book and other checkpoints. It provides the guarantee that if the customer decides to purchase a car from the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned program, they receive a car with the real, not manipulated mileage.


Which vehicles are available in this program?

The Mercedes-Benz program includes only verified cars with verified mileage and service history. These are vehicles with a specified maximum age and maximum mileage, thanks to which future users of vehicles covered by the program gain a model with standards similar to a new car, which also concerns the warranty level. None of the vehicles included in the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned program must not be older than 6 years (counting the date of the first registration), and its mileage is not higher than 150,000 km.



The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned program includes used Mercedes models after having their technical condition checked. Almost all used passenger car models are included on the list prepared by authorized dealers. Customers can also purchase vans such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Mercedes-Benz Vito. All Mercedes-Benz certified used vehicles have the guarantee of quality in common.



Authorized dealers only offer Mercedes Benz and Smart cars, even though they accept passenger cars of other brands to be traded-in – these, however, cannot be qualified to the Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned program.



Advantages of the program

The Mercedes-Benz Certified program offers technically verified passenger cars. The manufacturer’s program is appreciated by customers looking for vehicles on the used car market. No wonder — it has many advantages and it allows you to gain many benefits. Some of the most important advantages of the program are:

  • minimum of 24 months warranty for passenger cars — customers get protection at a level similar to that of new cars. Additionally, in the event of sudden defects, under the warranty, they can benefit from quick and professional assistance at the Mercedes-Benz Authorized Service Centre with a guarantee of the use of original spare parts. Another advantage is also the possibility of extending the warranty period or transferring it (in case of reselling the car to a new owner),
  • mobility guarantee — in an emergency, i.e. during problems with the start-up of the car or a failure, customers are guaranteed towing the car to the service or the possibility of using a replacement car for the duration of the repair,
  • network connection with Mercedes — the vehicles covered by the program include models enabled to use the Mercedes me connect. They allow you to conveniently connect the vehicle with many services,
  • the possibility of concluding a service contract — by buying a used Mercedes car under the program, customers can purchase service packages — a solution that allows them to increase their safety when traveling throughout nearly entire Europe. Dealers are happy to prepare individual solutions that allow adjusting the service contract conditions, taking into account i.a. periodic inspection, and let their customers enjoy the quality and comfort of driving,
  • possibility of taking a test drive — people using the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned program, before making a decision to buy a car, can use the opportunity to do a test drive. The Mercedes-Benz dealer prepares the selected car and allows you to drive it within 24 hours.


Disadvantages of the “Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned” program

Does the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned program have any drawbacks? Customers who have used the manufacturer’s offer so far only point to its advantages. A certain disadvantage of the Mercedes Benz brand program may be higher prices which you need to pay for the used cars with the certificate.

However, it is a natural consequence of the special preparation of the cars introduced to the program, as well as additional benefits, such as the possibility to enter a service contract or quick help throughout nearly entire Europe available thanks to the tailored service package.

An interested customer needs to consider, whether they want to pay a bit more for a car from a trusted  and reliable source, or save up by buying a car somewhere else, without a warranty, for a cheaper price. It looks like in the case of cars like Mercedes-Benz, the “correct option” seems obvious.


Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned Cars – check before buying

By choosing used cars available under the Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned program, customers can be sure that they are offered certified used cars, with verified service history and mileage.

If, in addition, you want to be sure that the selected model does not hide any secrets from the new owner, you can use the opportunity to check the car with the AutoDNA service. All you need to do is ask the dealer to provide the VIN number of the selected vehicle model, so that in a few moments you can gain access to all the most important information.

This method allows you to check the car not only in terms of actual mileage and servicing, but also, for example, check the previous condition of the car on the basis of the photos if, for some reason, they are included in the report. Of course, the cars offered in the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned program meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, however, when investing in such a reputable brand, it is worth being sure that you are making the right decision.


It is good to know

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The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned vehicles
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The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned vehicles
The Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned program allows you to purchase verified, high-quality used cars of the brand in question. What should you know about it?
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