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Buying a Car?

2030: the end of dealers? Are we to expect the carmageddon?

Added 12 March 2020 by

In Armageddon (a 1998 film), a meteor is approaching Earth, threatening the very existence of all life on our planet. Now a similar danger awaits car manufacturers and dealers. We even know the date of the carmageddon: 2030.

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Buying a Car?

When is the best time to buy a new car?

Added 13 December 2019 by

It’s not every day that you can come across a really good offer. Sometimes you’re actually better off waiting until you find one. What we’ll discuss today is how to arrange the car hunt to come back home with a new, beautiful machine AND as full a wallet as possible. Read more


Extended guarantee of a new car: all you need to know

Added 5 June 2019 by

Everyone hopes their new car will work flawlessly, at least for some time. They also know that in the time of need they can make use of the vehicle’s guarantee. However, many manufacturers try to tempt the customers with an additional extended guarantee. How much does this cost and what can you count on if you opt for it? Read more