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Importer second-hand car sales programmes

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A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new autodna.com cycle, part 3

There are currently ca. 20 second-hand vehicle sales programmes available at the Polish market if you only count these offered by the manufacturers and importers. In Poland, Opel and Fiat are treated as manufacturers as they do manufacture some models locally. 20 is not a small number but not all of these programmes are equally comprehensive. You will find the biggest number of offers at Toyota, then the VW Group (including Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen), then Opel, Renault and Peugeot. The German premium brands, especially BMW and Audi, have a number of offers to choose from. While Mercedes, Honda and Kia only offer their own cars, the remaining importers and manufacturers also have other brands available within their programmes. On the one hand, this gives you a greater choice but on the other hand it greatly increases the price range. If you look at a sales programme available at, say, Audi, you can find both cars that cost a dozen thousand, and ones that cost more than ten times this.

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