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Where the second-hand vehicle deals come from

Added 18 September 2019 by

A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new autodna.com cycle, part 2

Autodna.com blog is pleased to announce a new cycle of features regarding the purchase of second-hand vehicles from abroad. We’re writing about the purchase programmes offered by the official importers and authorized dealers of the most popular brands. In the previous article we’ve looked at the pros and cons of buying cars this way, and this time we will check where the used cars offered by dealers come from. The origin of the car is very important when making a purchase decision. Buyers prefer trustworthy sources and vehicles with a proven history. At a dealer’s you may come across such offers, too, but then again you’ll also see some other ones which are closer to the standards you’d expect from a regular used car salesman and not one that officially represents a brand. The reason is obvious: the second-hand cars offered by the dealer can come from several different sources.

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