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How to increase the value of a car before selling it

Added 17 June 2019 by

Do you want to sell a car for the highest possible price? It’s normal. Everyone dreams about it. But how can you do it? How much do you need to invest in it? Today we’ll show you 5 ways to increase the value of a car in the eyes of a potential buyer, including one effective method hardly anyone knows.

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Buying a Car?

History of used car and its previous purpose – does it matter when buying?

Added 23 April 2014 by

Checking the car’s history (e.g. through VIN) we can encounter that it was previously leased to a company. Some customers instantly give up such vehicle assuming that it is neglected and has a high mileage. This is not entirely true and after lease car have their advantages too just like autos previously used as taxis. How important is the past of a used car when it comes to purchase?

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