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autoDNA supports the action “Rescue sheet in the vehicle”



Driver’s safety is a priority for us. That is why autoDNA supports, among others, the “Rescue sheet in the vehicle” campaign conducted by the Association of Car Dealers. 


For more than a decade, we have been taking care of the transparency of the automotive market and helping drivers to make the decision to buy a used car. The autoDNA reports contain information, among others, about accidents involving vehicles used on Polish roads, technical tests, inspections, odometer readings, as well as possible damage history. Due to the fact that autoDNA cares about the transparency of the process of buying and selling vehicles, we could not miss the latest installment of the “Rescue card in the vehicle” campaign, run since 2014 by the Association of Car Dealers, the Polish Automotive Industry Association with a large participation of the State Fire Service. 



AutoDNA is a technological partner of the “Rescue sheet in the vehicle” – it provides a search engine, thanks to which everyone can generate their own rescue card on the website:


Thanks to our search engine created for the purpose of the action, it is enough to enter the license plate number of the car, and the autoDNA algorithm automatically recognizes the basic data of the vehicle: brand, model, year of production, fuel type. After initial recognition of the vehicle, the algorithm searches the database of rescue cards of all importers, and then – if the importer has prepared it – generates a ready to download and print card. It may happen that the search engine does not recognize the license plate and does not assign the correct rescue card automatically. Then, the card should be selected manually, by brand and model. 


The rescue sheet is a very useful document that you should always have in the car.

Modern cars have many structural reinforcements, as well as they are increasingly more often equipped with capacitors and converters used not only for electric and hybrid drives, but also for the operation of popular start-stop systems, which are currently mass-mounted in “traditional” internal combustion engines. Each model has differently arranged structural elements and safety-relevant equipment, including components of the electrical system. During an emergency, they can pose a challenge to the services. 

Then, it is useful to quickly access the information on what the arrangement of elements important from the point of view of security looks like, which is presented on the Rescue Card. The Rescue Card is a standardized information in A4 format presenting a diagram of the vehicle with the most important elements for the emergency services: the location of body reinforcements, the location of safety cushions or gas belt tensioners.


An example of a vehicle rescue sheet with safety-critical elements marked. 



The document should be placed in the sunshade on the driver’s side. It is necessary to put a sticker behind the windshield stating that the vehicle is equipped with the card.


This way, in the event of a serious collision, the relevant services will know that such a document is in the vehicle. Stickers with information for rescuers that the card is in the vehicle can be obtained free of charge in most car dealerships throughout Poland.

A sticker on the windscreen informing the emergency services about the rescue sheet inside the vehicle in the event of a serious accident. Fig. autoDNA Facebook

Rescue sheet on the windshield of the car


For more information, please see:

Card search by license plate number:


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autoDNA supports the action “Rescue sheet in the vehicle”
Driver's safety is a priority for us. That is why autoDNA supports, among others, the “Rescue sheet in the vehicle” conducted by the Association of Car Dealers.
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