Hyundai Certified Pre Owned – what does this program offer?

30 January 2023

Hyundai Certified Pre owned is yet another dealership program via which you can buy used Hyundai cars that are no more than 5 years old and 120,000 km of mileage. Hyundai also offers the “Certified Used Cars” program. What are these two programs and how do they differ?


What is the “Hyundai Certified Pre-owned” program?

As part of the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program, used cars are offered from authorized dealers who care about the highest quality of vehicles. Therefore, every used car offered in the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program has a DEKRA Vehicle Quality Certificate, which confirms compliance with the most stringent standards. Thanks to this, used cars sold under the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program practically do not give way to new ones – and they are distinguished by a much more attractive price.

At Hyundai dealers, you can also find Certified Used Cars. Under this name, Hyundai offers cars of its own brand which did not meet the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned eligibility criteria, but they can still be a very attractive offer for customers. The Certified Used Cars includes also vehicles of other brands – cars offered in this way are often traded-in by customers when buying a new car.


Who is the program addressed to?

Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned is addressed at all customers interested in Hyundai vehicles. This is an attractive option for buyers interested in used cars in very good condition, with known service history and accident-free past.

Hyundai dealers ensure that the cars offered in the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program are subject to a thorough inspection to exclude any possible irregularities. How seriously Hyundai takes its declaration is evidenced by the extended warranty that covers every car purchased in the program. It is valid for a period from 2 to 5 years and for the same period – at least 2 years – the buyer of the vehicle can use 24-hour assistance.



So this is definitely an offer for drivers who value peace – and are ready to pay for it. It is also a good choice for people looking for hybrid and electric cars, as they are also offered at Hyundai Certified Pre-owned – in this case, you can count on the knowledge of the advisors. The Hyundai program is therefore aimed at a really wide range of users.


Financing in the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned Program

When buying a car within the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program, Hyundai provides attractive financing options of purchase for:

  • cash,
  • credit (standard, 50/50, 3×33, holiday, Non-Stop Auto),
  • lease.

To own a car sold under the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program, you can take the most traditional path, deciding to pay the entire amount at a time. This offer is addressed especially to individual users with more cash and who are willing to cover the entire liability “at once”.

For individual users who want to spread the payment for vehicles offered in the program into installments, Hyundai has prepared an extensive loan offer. One of the options is a standard loan (for a period of up to 10 years and without own payment for cars up to PLN 150,000). Hyundai also offers a 50/50 loan, in which half of the price is paid immediately, and the second part after 12 months (interest rate is 0%), as well as a similar, but spread over 3 installments, 3×33 loan (the first installment accounts for 33.4% of the car’s value, the second after 12 months and the third after 24 months – 33.3%).

A holiday loan allows you to buy a Hyundai car by postponing the repayment of the first installment – by three or six months depending on the own payment – while a Non-Stop Auto loan gives you a wide range of options to choose how to terminate the contract. You can then return the car to Hyundai dealers or replace it with a new car.



For business users, it is possible to finance the purchase of a car in the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program with a lease – the company offers an operating lease, a financial lease and a so-called VAT margin lease.



How are the cars checked?

Cars sold under the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program are subjected to meticulous control. It is carried out in accordance with the standards of the German institute, and its effect is the DEKRA Vehicle Quality Certificate. The interested customer receives an insight into the protocol of the inspection of used cars, thanks to which they are sure that the car is worth buying.

Before a given car is put up for sale under the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program, its external and internal appearance, the technical condition of the components, and its history are checked. A test drive is another included part of the control. Such detailed service inspections are used to detect and eliminate any possible irregularities. Since all vehicles sold at Hyundai Certified Pre-owned are covered by a minimum 2-year warranty, the company cannot afford any negligence.


Which vehicles are available in this program?

The Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program – as the name suggests – offers used Hyundai cars, but this is not the end of the brand’s offers for its customers.



The Korean manufacturer offers a wide range of used cars, ranging from small i10 and i20 models, to large SUVs such as Tucson and Santa Fe. There is also no shortage of intermediate models such as the Hyundai i30, i40 and Elantra. For those looking for hybrid and electric cars, Hyundai Certified Pre-owned also has an offer – it is primarily the hybrid Hyundai Ioniq and the electric Hyundai Kona Electric.

Previous used car programs (including the Hyundai I-Best program, which was the prototype of today’s Certified Pre-owned) were often limited to cars equipped with gasoline or diesel engines, rarely offering more modern options. In the case of Hyundai Certified Pre-owned, it is different – and also in the case of so-called green cars you can count on them being covered by the service support program.



Attractive financing conditions and guaranteed car repurchase mean that this offer may also tempt those customers who have so far been cautious about the so-called alternative power sources.



Other brands

Hyundai Certified Pre-owned offers only Hyundai cars, while Hyundai dealers also offer other cars called Certified Used Cars. These cars may meet the same criteria as the Certified Pre-owned program – but due to a different brand, they have not been qualified for it. The Certified Used Cars program includes also slightly older cars, but still worth your attention.

Among the used cars offered in this way, you can find, among others, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda, Fiat, Skoda and even… Porsche (trading-in your current used vehicle is a very popular option when shopping from authorized dealers). Additionally, the dynamically working specialists search the secondary market for copies worth accepting in trading-in for their acceptable technical condition.


Used cars from companies – fleet hits of the program

Managers of company car fleets are very eager to choose Hyundai vehicles. They are attractive in price, and at the same time relatively trouble-free, well equipped and comfortable. Not without significance is also the aesthetic appearance of many models, which is of particular importance in the case of the so-called representative cars. So, in the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program, one can buy many used cars with a company past. Is this a good solution?

It certainly should not be immediately rejected. Times during which cars “tortured” by commercial representatives, with hundreds of thousands of kilometers of mileage can probably be considered rightly gone – and possible traces of improper treatment would certainly be revealed during a detailed presentation of the car. So you can seriously think about buying a used vehicle – all the more so as part of the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program, where every car, regardless of its origin, is thoroughly checked before being introduced to the offer.


Advantages of the program

Is it worth using the Hyundai Certified Pre-owned program? There is a number of important advantages that speak for such a solution. First of all, it’s the certainty.



Every used car entering the program is subjected to a thorough inspection by experts.


They check the car far more thoroughly than you could do on your own – even with the support of a trusted car mechanic. Cars are also verified before being offered. There is no need to worry about any “surprise” to be discovered after the purchase is made.

Of course, before buying a car you can thoroughly try it – there is a possibility of taking a test drive and personally verifying the quality of the offer.

Of course, the opportunity to take a test drive is not all. Another important advantage of the program is the welcome service package, which includes free vehicle inspections and cheaper service inspections, as well as guaranteed car repurchase. The possibility of repurchasing a car is certainly an additional element encouraging to use the offer.


Disadvantages of Hyundai Certified Pre-owned

Hyundai Certified Pre-owned is no exception and when buying a car under this offer, you have to take into account above all slightly higher prices. It is difficult to expect offers which the commissions or traders are famous for. However, this is only an apparent disadvantage, because low prices most often do not come out of nowhere.

Usually, they indicate the necessity to incur smaller or larger expenses as well as to spend time on servicing the car. So if you can pay a little bit more and thus not have to worry about possible problems, then this is probably an option worth considering.

However, no matter where you buy a used car – whether as part of a Hyundai Certified Pre-owned or any other program – it is always worth checking it thoroughly. The saying better safe than sorry did not come out of nowhere. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make use of the autoDNA offer.

On the basis of the VIN number, an extensive report is generated containing maximum information about the past of the vehicle. With its help, you can verify many of the data provided by the seller – and in the event of any discrepancies, effectively negotiate the price.


It is good to know

Did you like this article? Anything you’d like to ask in your comment? Feel free to share your feedback and comment at the bottom of the article. And remember – always before buying a car, motorcycle or even a trailer – check vehicle history and free VIN lookup with autoDNA based on the VIN number. VIN check is one of the most important things to do before deciding to buy a used vehicle. Thanks to this, autoDNA helps you make an informed decision.




Hyundai Certified Pre owned is yet another dealership program via which you can buy used Hyundai cars that are no more than 5 years old and 120K km of mileage.